Angular, React, and Vue: What’s Coming in 2017?

Angular, React, and Vue: What's Coming in 2017?  #javascript #angular2 #reactjs #vuejs

  • We’ve chosen to focus on these three JavaScript frameworks for 2017.
  • Not left behind Angular 1 versions (1.5 and 1.6), steadily adding to one of the most popular frameworks.
  • The Angular team at Google has made a few significant changes to the framework in the past year.
  • Not only Angular 4, the tentative release schedule up to Angular version 7 has also been released.
  • It was then considered a framework for the niche now developers compare this to other established frameworks like Angular or React.

Let’s review the year of 2016 for Angular, React, and Vue.js and look ahead to see what coming for these popular JavaScript frameworks in 2017 and beyond.
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Front End Development & Unit Test Automation Trends! · TestProject

A survey determined @angularjsđź…° & @reactjsâš› rule the frontend landscape. But which one wins?

  • The leading unit testing frameworks are Mocha, Jasmine and Karma.
  • The majority of participants stated that they find test automation in general and JavaScript unit testing in particular highly efficient.
  • The continuous delivery approach forces the organization to invest in testing automation and more specifically, unit testing to increase overall product quality.
  • ReactJS became a significant force in front end web development field over the last three years, ever since it came out in May 2013.
  • About 80% of the recently developed web sites are utilizing one of the two technologies: AngularJS/ReactJS.

TestProject reveals current front end development trends and unit testing automation forecast for the upcoming year 2017!
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AngularJS or React JS? Which one suits my busin…

#AngularJS or #ReactJS? Which one suits my #business requirement?  #WebsiteOntwikkeling

  • It is known as a framework but it is JavaScript library that offers great support for web application development .
  • After the blog, I hope it becomes easier for you to decide on the technology for web application development.
  • It has resulted in increased efficiency of development of web applications.
  • It is now among most popular frameworks for web app development .
  • Reat.js offers SX files that suits contemporary way of web application development.

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@rasinbekkevold: “#AngularJS or #ReactJS? Which one suits my #business requirement? #WebsiteOntwikkeling”

When you are running a business, it is important to choose the right kind of IT structure that suits your business requirements while you are looking into aspects of the budget. In todays time when development is moving towards Front End Development, JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ext JS, React.js etc are much popular among developers and IT companies as a part of the IT structure technology stack.

AngularJS or React JS? Which one suits my busin…