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  • People can be so cruel.Another one of these very difficult and sensitive topics is the use of className instead of class in React.Introducing Simple React Snippets: class to classNameNearly everyone has heard of the world famous Simple React Snippets for VS Code.
  • The set of React Snippets that is so good, Ryan Florence once said…And now, Simple React Snippets is even better because it has solved one of the most contentious, difficult and time consuming tasks in React.
  • We don’t go to bed when it gets dark because we have ELECTRICITY, and we don’t have to use Find and Replace to change class to className because Simple React Snippets will now do it for you.How It worksSimple React Snippets uses a very complicated and advanced algorithm to find any…
  • This will bring up the “React: class to ClassName” command.
  • It feels kind of like I’m inviting myself into your house.In any event, I’ll continue to work on that portion and once I’ve ironed out the edge cases, this generation might be the last to know the pains of having to change class to className.What a time to be alive!Grab…

The tech community is no stranger to controversy. Just the other week I was faced with an extremely awkward and difficult situation when someone I thought was a close friend (who I won’t name…
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Announcing React Native Europe – callstack.io

  • CTO at Callstack.io, React Native developer.
  • Today, I am really excited to announce React Native Europe – the first conference in the world to focus on anything and everything React Native.
  • Whether you are an experienced React Native developer or just at the beginning of your journey, you will benefit from our great sessions covering various aspects of mobile development.
  • React Native Europe is a two-day conference anything and everything React Native organised by Callstack.io , Mike Grabowski , Nader Dabit and friends.
  • Announcing React Native Europe

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@grabbou: “I am excited to announce React Native Europe – first conference anything and everything #reactnative”

As a core contributor to React Native, my focus was always on better developer experience (rnpm) and helping others (React Native School)…

Announcing React Native Europe – callstack.io