Available now from @PacktPub #reactjs #tooling #javascript #book

Available now from @PacktPub

#reactjs #tooling #javascript #book

  • React 16 Tooling covers the most important tools, utilities, and libraries that every React developer needs to know — in detail.
  • Adam starts with a hand-picked selection of the best tools for the React 16 ecosystem.
  • Not only does this tool bootstrap your React project for you, it also provides a consistent and stable framework to build upon.
  • Other React tools follow this same approach to automating and improving your development life.
  • In this book, we’ll look at each of these powerful tools in detail, showing you how to build the perfect React ecosystem to develop your apps within.

React 16 Tooling covers the most important tools, utilities, and libraries that every React developer needs to know — in detail.
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#reactjs #tooling #javascript #book”

A Year of React Native: SSL Pinning – Made by Many

Notes on #ReactNative: on SSL pinning by @samueljmurray

  • When your app initiates this communication, your backend sends its certificate (which contains the public key).
  • Your app then checks that the certificate has been signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) that is trusted by the user’s device.
  • SSL pinning narrows these avenues of attack by letting you define the exact certificate or public key that your app will accept when communicating with your backend.
  • If you use a service like AWS Certificate Manager or Let’s Encrypt your certificate and public key could change at any time.
  • TrustKit also comes with a handy tool for extracting public keys from certificates and converting them to Base64 encoded SHA256 hashes.

We’ve been using React Native for over a year now and we’re loving how quickly we can create feature-rich and performant apps for iOS and Android. So far w…
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Why Use React JS for Fast Interactive User Interfaces? — SitePoint

Why Use #React #JS for Fast Interactive User Interfaces?  #reactjs #webdev #javascript #jsx

  • The Virtual DOM is at the core of what makes React fast at rendering user interface elements and their changes.
  • Each time there are changes to the underlying data in a React app, React creates a new Virtual DOM representation of the user interface.
  • This is where efficient diff algorithms, batching DOM read/write operations, and limiting DOM changes to the bare minimum necessary, make using React JS and its Virtual DOM a great choice for building performant apps.
  • Our First 50,000 Stars — Vjeux

    Although some would argue that all projects need React JS, I think it’s uncontroversial to say that React would be a great fit for web apps where you need to keep a complex, interactive UI in sync with frequent changes in the underlying data model.

  • Resources
    If you’re curious about how React JS and its Virtual DOM work, here’s where you can learn more:

    React JS and other similar JavaScript libraries ease the development of snappy, event-driven user interfaces that are fast at responding to state changes.

Maria Antonietta Perna discusses what makes React JS a great fit for building fast UIs and introduces the concept of the Virtual DOM and how React uses it.
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Training for Learning React Native · Deco

  • React Native Expert Instructors
  • Get a sneak peek of our educational materials at React Native Express , a popular resource developed by the instructors of this workshop.
  • React Native Contributor, Exponent
  • Devin is co-creator of Deco IDE , author of React Native Express , and contributor to the React Native documentation.
  • React Native Engineer, Netflix

Learn React Native hands-on and in-person from the most active developers in the community. Discover the latest trends and best practices by building practical apps during the workshop that soar above and beyond online resources.
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