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📦 The most popular JavaScript links of 2017:   #ui #100DaysOfCode…

  • The most popular JavaScript links of 2017As the year draws to a close it’s the perfect time to reflect and look back over the past 12 months to see what projects got people talking and what JavaScript topics got folks clicking.To do this we’ve taken a dive into the JavaScript Weekly…
  • Ten Things A Serious JavaScript Developer Should LearnBen McCormick| Shared in July’s Issue 345One developer’s take on a question asked on Reddit earlier this year — the question attracted plenty of debate over what priorities JS developers should have.benmccormick.orgA Modern JavaScript CheatsheetBeaudru Manuel | Shared in September’s Issue 353This thorough guide explains plenty…
  • This finale, looking at the pros and cons of each, proved highly popular.sitepen.comA Set of Best Practices for JavaScript Projectshive | Shared in July’s Issue 342British design studio Hive collected together guidelines for working on JavaScript projects.
  • With over 10k stars on GitHub, the guide covers documentation, dependencies, testing, code structure and more.github.comAwait and Async Explained with Diagrams and ExamplesNikolay Grozev | Shared in October’s Issue 355This detailed tutorial explains the await/async features in Bias is Holding You Back: It’s Time to Embrace Arrow FunctionsEric Elliott | Shared…
  • When it does so without the new keyword, it’s a factory the f*ck JavaScript?Denys Dovhan | Shared in August’s Issue 346Around 40 examples of ‘quirky’ JavaScript code with unexpected results or outcomes.

As the year draws to a close it’s the perfect time to reflect and look back over the past 12 months to see what projects got people talking and what JavaScript topics got folks clicking. To do this…
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React.js Weekend Training Tickets, Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 9:00 AM

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  • This course is intended for developers with intermediate JavaScript experience who want to understand the fundamentals, principles, and capabilities of React.
  • You will learn development principles of the React.js framework by diving hands-first into working examples.
  • You will gain the skills you need to immediately implement React.js in your applications using professional test-driven development tools and methodologies.
  • Senior Software Engineer and Instructor, Troy Miles will guide you through the development of a real-world application using React and AWS.
  • Instructor, Troy Miles – – Troy Miles is a Senior Software Engineer and instructor.

Eventbrite – Code District presents React.js Weekend Training – Saturday, December 9, 2017 | Sunday, December 10, 2017 at Cowork South Bay, Torrance, CA. Find event and ticket information.
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Are you ready? – Callstack Engineers

Are you ready?  #reactnativeconference #reactnative #react #reactjs

  • We keep receiving questions regarding last-minute passes.
  • Looking at the conference scene this year, I am sure we have one of the best lineups out there.
  • If you haven’t decided yet — ask me on Twitter and I’ll make you want to go here!Of course, there will be panelNo conference can be done without having a QA panel with the team, right?
  • Prepare questions, it’s an open QA and we don’t have any time restrictions.Get ready for the partyOne of the selling points of the conference is that attendees will get to know how the famous Polish party looks like.
  • What a perfect time to socialise after first day of the conference, right?

It’s less than a week to React Native EU first edition. I am really excited that we are all going to see each other next week! We are working hard to make your stay in Poland best time in your life…
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A brief history of React Native

  • React Native is super web developer friendly and doesn’t require learning native iOS and Android languages, or native APIs – learn once, write anywhere .
  • Another reason is that React Native is a cross-platform solution : we’re planning to open our platform to other developers in order to supercharge development and build beautiful native apps for iOS and Android.
  • Once the new version of Shoutem is officially launched, customization of the apps will be almost endless.
  • It solved our current architectural problems while allowing us to achieve a level of performance that is indistinguishable from native apps built with Java or Objective-C .
  • In the near future, we can expect more Universal Windows Platform and Smart TV apps to be built with React Native.

The story of React Native is quite fascinating: what started as Facebook’s internal hackathon project, has since become one of the most popular frameworks.
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Part 1: Getting Started With React Native

New MEAP! React Native in Action by Nader Dabit  @manningbooks #reactnative @dabit3

  • Testing React Native code
  • Understanding how React Native works
  • Part 2: React Native Application Development
  • Implementing React Native components and APIs
  • Appendix A: Installing and running React Native

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@ManningMEAP: “New MEAP! React Native in Action by Nader Dabit @manningbooks #reactnative @dabit3”

React Native just may be the holy grail of cross-platform app development that many developers and companies have been hoping for. Using React Native, developers can build performant cross-platform native apps much easier than ever before, all with a single programming language: JavaScript. With the growing demand for apps and the increasing complexity that app development entails, React Native comes along at a perfect time. If you’re serious about app development or want to stay ahead of the curve on emerging and disruptive technologies, take a look at React Native.

Part 1: Getting Started With React Native