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  • If we ponder more on asynchronous requests, they are requests made from our web page to some activity which is going to take it’s own time to respond.
  • After mounting the described UI to the DOM, it goes ahead and asks the free willed activity : — -Requesting the Free Willed ActivityAnd meanwhile our free willed activity is likeUnfortunately, our highly energetic react component will have to depend on promises.
  • Each of those nodes when clicked can produce more nodes by fetching more data from server.Package dependenciesNow our new componentSo handleNodeClick is the method which is invoked every time a node is clicked in the Network component.We have defined the function to be asynchronous by adding the keyword async before the function definition.
  • The keyword await is used to wait for the activity which here is a promise of fetching data from remote server.
  • The function is asynchronous and it waits for a promise to complete and then continues with normal execution.

Magic is what Async/Await bring to the table for handling asynchronous requests. If we ponder more on asynchronous requests, they are requests made from our web page to some activity which is going…
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So you want to learn React.js? – EdgeCoders

So you want to learn React.js?
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  • Identify whether what you’re currently learning is React or not, mainly so that you don’t get confused about your effort to learn React itself.
  • I find building simple games to demonstrate the ideas of React much better than starting with data-driven serious web applications.
  • React ecosystem libraries: Since React is just the UI language, you’ll need tools to complete the picture and go beyond even MVC. Don’t start until you’re very comfortable with React itself.
  • Right after getting comfortable with the raw concepts of React itself, build a React Native app.
  • I’ll give you two things to focus on, just forget everything else you encounter and learn these two first once you’re done with React itself: react-router and redux.

First, make peace with the fact that you need to learn more than just React to work with React. This is a good thing, React is a library that does one thing really well, but it’s not the answer to…
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