Development Frameworks, PhoneGap and React Native make Mobile Application Development Easier

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  • Hybrid mobile applications are developed through web technologies, which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and are hosted inside a native application that utilizes WebView.
  • So, with hybrid frameworks such as PhoneGap and React Native, developers are now finding it easier to create mobile applications that run anywhere irrespective of the device and platform.
  • A hybrid app development framework, PhoneGap / Apache Cordova can be easily extended through native plugins, thus allowing developers to add more functionality to the mobile application and enables to have access to the device’s camera, contacts, location, and much more.
  • With a hybrid framework, developers can create a single version of the mobile application and get it across multiple platforms within small time-frame and at a lesser cost.
  • Since hybrid mobile applications save data offline (through device API), the loading time is less compared to native and mobile web applications.

The increasing dependency on SmartPhones has enabled businesses to offer services through custom mobile applications and due to which the demand for mobile application developers
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Rapid cross-platform mobile development with React Native

  • We can avoid the need for lots of upfront planning and naturally fall into certain conventions and patterns of data fetching and state management.
  • import React, { Component } from ‘react’
  • React Native exposes the Platform module, which detects the platform on which the app is currently running.
  • Sometimes we may need to diverge our application flow by platform in order to perform the appropriate action, but often it’s as simple as swapping some values around based on the current platform.
  • Platform-specific extensions allow us to write a separate file for each platform, e.g. button.ios.js and .

How React Native helped us ship a cross-platform mobile app in 8 weeks.
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