Using Bootstrap With create-react-app

  • From your project folder, enter the following: – – Now the Bootstrap files will be located in your folder.
  • This is where we will put our bootstrap source files.
  • You will need to have the installed globally, so from your command line enter: – – You will also need grunt and other libraries install locally into your project, so enter the following from your project folder – – In order to import your bootstrap files, you need to create…
  • From our command line inside of our project folder we can now enter to compile our LESS files one time, or we can enter to watch the source files and compile on any changes.
  • Once you have built your application using Bootstrap, you can at the end go through and edit the source files so that 1) you only import the Bootstrap components which you are using and 2) make sure all the components look exactly the way you want them to.

These days, starting a web application is very easy. Using create-react-app along with Bootstrap will give you everything you need.
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