Salt Lake City Coding Bootcamps

  • V School is a coding bootcamp in Salt Lake City, Utah, with online and in-person 12-week programs in JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML and CSS.
  • The school’s mission is to improve the human experience by modernizing education, accelerating career readiness, and increasing community engagement.
  • V School reports a current job fulfillment ratio of 100%… (View In-Depth Report)

Reviews and comparison of the best Salt Lake City coding bootcamps
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Looking for QA Volunteers for Introduction to React Native

  • The QA process is a time for people to spot any glaring mistakes, spelling errors, broken links, mistakes in teachers notes, clarification on quiz questioning, and any other feedback.
  • With QA there’s a few other things you should know.
  • Those are the quirks of QA mode.
  • Please use email to provide feedback.
  • When in QA, we try to not talk about the course here on the Community forum until it’s officially released.

Participate in discussions with other Treehouse members and learn.
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The New Kid on the Block

Meet @mxstrbng - a new member of our #NeosCMS team working on the #reactjs UI:

  • After that I attended the Neos Barcamp, the other two sprints since then and the Neos Conference.
  • All this was much fun especially to see the development of the project not only from a remote point of view but also to contribute to the React UI development.
  • My focus in the Neos project is clearly on the React UI rewrite which we plan to release at the end of the year, but I’m also fixing some little things in Neos or Flow if they catch my eye.
  • I’m not only interested in React, Javascript and PHP but in computer science in general and different kind of programming languages.
  • So, this is me 🙂

    if you are not sure if you want to join the development of Neos and Flow, also as a non programmer, you should join a sprint and see what’s going on there!

Hi I’m Max, 27 and I  became a Neos team member on the 5th July.
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UI Developer for Fintech Startup at Finxact

UI Developer for #fintech Startup at Finxact #reactjs

  • The Console is the window into the Finxact core banking system.
  • Finxact is a contributing member of the Open API Initiative and building upon The OpenAPI Specification, formerly known as the Swagger Specification.
  • The Finxact Core API is not ours – it belongs to the banking community.
  • A contract with Finxact is a contract upheld by the community – not just one vendor.
  • The Finxact API protects your investment, connects you to others, and future proofs your adaptability – so you can focus on being innovative.

Finxact is hiring a UI Developer for Fintech Startup on Stack Overflow Jobs. Learn more about the UI Developer for Fintech Startup job and apply now on Stack Overflow Jobs.
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Front end architecture – João Paulo Lethier – Medium

Front end architecture  #javascript #frontenddevelopment #react #reactjs #reactjs

  • So, almost every project I worked use MVC architecture, and when I started to work in some front end projects, using angular or react, I tend to structure my project’s folders and files thinking in MVC, using the same structure I would use in a backend project using RubyOnRails.Taking advantage that in my job team, at SumOne, we decided to organize some talks, I choose to do a talk about front end architecture so this would be an opportunity to learn.
  • Besides the type based folder structure, that is similar to MVC structure folders and what I was used to, I found that most front end developers recommend a feature based folder structure to organize project’s code files.So, I did a small presentation and develop a sample project on github to show how a react project would like on each kind of folder structure: type based, feature based and mix based.
  • For example, if you have a list feature, you would have the API file that make the request call to get items to list, action file that call API and return the answer to view and view file itself on the same folder.Lastly, you can use a mix based folder structure, organizing by feature first, and inside of each feature folder.
  • This structure makes easy to find all code related to a feature, for example, if we have a search feature and want to change the api request for the search form, I just have to search for the api file on search feature folder.
  • Following this mix based structure, if you have a large feature, that has a lot of code files, more than one api call, for example, you can organize files by type(API, Services, Actions, Views, Styles, …) inside the feature folder.

I am a developer since 2010, but only recently I started to work a little more with front end frameworks. I’ve worked a lot more with backend development, I have a lot more experience creating and…
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Why Code Reviews are Important – David Leger – Medium

Why Code Reviews are Important  #softwaredevelopment #react #learningtocode #reactjs

  • Why Code Reviews are ImportantAh code reviews… That dreadful, tedious task that interrupts your focus and takes time away from meaningful work.
  • I can’t count how many times my code has sat in PR (pull request, if you’re unfamiliar with git lingo), lonely and waiting for approval by my fellow developers.
  • It’s understandable that people put off code review for the reasons I mentioned above and many more.As a junior developer (which I still am), I felt similarly towards code reviews.
  • However what I didn’t understand at the time was that the code review was more for me than it was for them.This became clear to me while I was reviewing a PR from a senior developer one day.
  • It’s hard to pick up on best practices on your own (at least I thought so), so being able to see how more experienced developers write components is a great way to learn how to write better code.Once I was able to see code reviews as a learning opportunity rather than a check on my coworkers’ code, I was able to gain a lot of value from them.

Ah code reviews… That dreadful, tedious task that interrupts your focus and takes time away from meaningful work. I can’t count how many times my code has sat in PR (pull request, if you’re…
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Hack Like a Girl with Zalando Tech – Zalando Tech Blog

#Hack Like a #Girl with @ZalandoTech

#Hackathon #ReactJS #API #APIfirst #DiversityInTech

  • Overall, Hack Like A Girl was a great event and it was tremendously valuable being a mentor for participating teams.
  • Being a jury member was an incredible experience, with seven teams presenting their hacks.
  • I recently had the opportunity to be a mentor at the Hack Like A Girl Hackathon .
  • It was surprising to me that looking into a team’s source code was the last criteria option, and that team ratings varied when this occurred.
  • The API briefing session was followed by a VR workshop using the Unity Framework, with a hands-on-hacking session available before teams became engrossed in their hacks.

Get involved in hacking with Geek Girls Carrots Berlin and the Zalando Tech Shop API.
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A new chapter begins for NotesIn9

A new chapter begins for NotesIn9. Bringing on more #XPages, #ReactJS, #NodeJS and more.

  • My way of thinking when it comes to developing applications has changed drastically.
  • You will be able to use most of this technology not only in your XPages applications, but on other runtimes as well.
  • Yes there’s the server-side component to consider, but to me that’s never really been the issue when it comes to developing awesome applications.
  • Those who follow me on the social channels would’ve noticed that I became somewhat quiet around May this year, just after my Webinar on Optimus XPages: Part 2 .
  • Am I limited to what User Experience I can offer my client in terms of presentation and performance

Announcing a new chapter for 2 new producers and a diverse programming knowledge base.
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Worry-free React with create-react-app – Medium

  • Installing the create-react-app tool via npm
  • Migrating all my source files to the new folder structure generated by the create-react-app tool
  • Just run the `npm start` command and everything is compiled for you, a dev server is booted up and you can see your application running on localhost.
  • I’ve got a few more React projects in my pipeline and I’m definitely planning on using create-react-app for each fresh start of a React app.
  • You can run the `npm run eject` command and get all the dependencies and config files copied into your folder and customize them to your heart’s content.

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@wisecobbler: “Worry free #reactjs with create-react-app”

Aside from working on my pet project, Shopsifter, and my gig as the editor of the Fullstack React newsletter, I also do contract work. I…

Worry-free React with create-react-app – Medium


N3XTCODER Training Week React.JS Sept 5-9 in Berlin  #reactjs #JavaScript #webdev

  • There will also be an opportunity to improve your git skills and collaborate as a team.
  • N3XTCODER Training Weeks are intensive 5 day programs.
  • The N3XTCODER Training Week with Ipso focusses on React.JS to build a video chat and surrounding features.
  • Participants dive deeply into advanced concepts and processes of software to improve their programming skills.

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@N3xtCoder: “N3XTCODER Training Week React.JS Sept 5-9 in Berlin #reactjs #JavaScript #webdev”

N3XTCODER Training Weeks are intensive 5 day programs. Participants dive deeply into advanced concepts and processes of software to improve their programming skills. Trainings take place in small groups of up to 12 participants. You will be mentored through the process with our N3XTCODER coaches led by Jonathan Moore (former CTO Team Europe & and work with other like-minded developers.