Facebook Relents on React.js License Issue via @InfoSecHotSpot

Facebook Relents on React.js License Issue  via @InfoSecHotSpot

  • Well, it’s safe to use code from Facebook’s React.js library in open source projects.
  • At issue is a license Facebook created by taking an existing open source license, modifying it with a short patent caveat, then calling it the BSD+Patents license.
  • The issue was with the patent clause Facebook had added to the license, which states that anyone using the code, directly or indirectly, cannot take legal action against Facebook for any patent infringement involving any software without losing the right to use and distribute the code.
  • The problem wasn’t with patent protections: Many open source licenses, including Apache, have patent clauses preventing users from suing over any patents the covered software might infringe, but Facebook’s license seeks to protect the company from infringement by any and all of its software.
  • Then on Friday, Facebook’s engineering director, Adam Wolff, announced in a blog post, “Next week, we are going to relicense our open source projects React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js under the MIT license.

It’s safe to go back in the water again. Well, it’s safe to use code from Facebook’s React.js library in open source projects. The folks at the social site have done an about-face and will be changing React.js’s license to MIT, along with the licenses for Jest, Flow and Immutable.js. The announcement came exactly a month after we reported on a licensing brouhaha that had resulted in a standoff between Facebook and the Apache Foundation.
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Workshops – Jazoon Techdays

Last chance to buy a ticket for our fantastic workshops: . #angular #reactjs #rxjs @redux

  • The topics of the workshops at Jazoon Spring 2017 will be Angular  and RxJS.
  • Angular  is a revolutionary development platform for creating applications using modern web standards and powered by the Open Source Community following the success of AngularJS.
  • RxJS or Reactive Extensions for JavaScript is a library for transforming, composing, and querying streams of data.
  • It’s become popular by it’s usage in Angular 2 and React.

Because we want you to have the best learning experience we decided to offer full day workshops on Thursday 27. April, the day before the conference. All of our workshop organizers are experts in their field – some of them are even authors of the frameworks they present.
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Best Web Development & Programming Blogs for 2017

  • The blogs are more light-hearted and deal with coding more generally.
  • Even though this is a list of web developer blogs, we wanted to include two of our all-time favorite blogs.
  • His blog posts are great for back-end developers who focus on JavaScript and Node.js.
  • The blog has been around since 2005 and still posts fairly frequently to this day.
  • The blogs below are listed in alphabetical order.

There are a ton of great developer blogs out there, so we’ve curated a list of our team’s favorites along with top choices from some members of our community of expert developers.
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React Native at WalmartLabs – WalmartLabs – Medium

Learn more about how Walmart uses #ReactJS Native:

  • Overall, we’re very happy with the performance of React Native far, and we’re hopeful that the results we’ve gathered will be met with approval from the business side, and ultimately our users.
  • We use our integration tests to ensure that our React Native code remains functional as the code base continues to evolve.
  • One challenge that React Native presents is that for the JS bundle to work, there has to be a compatible React Native counterpart on the native side.
  • To ensure the quality of our React Native code, we aim for 100% test coverage for both unit tests and integration tests.
  • We use unit tests to exercise our React Native components in isolation and prevent unintentional changes.

Here at Walmart, the customer is always #1, so we’re constantly on the lookout for ways we can improve upon the shopping experience we provide to our customers. The Walmart app, as it currently…
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Ant Design

  • We recommend to tag your questions with antd on Stack Overflow.
  • If you have any idea to improve antd, just create a Pull Request .
  • And we encourage experienced users to help those who are not familiar with antd .
  • Following Ant Design, a design language for creating user friendly and beautiful websites.
  • // import js and css modularly, parsed by babel-plugin-import import { DatePicker } from ‘antd’ ;

Ant Design – An enterprise-class UI design language and React-based implementation
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Best Courses to learn React Native and React

Best Courses to learn React Native and React   #Redux #reactNative #ReactJS #reactJS

  • You’ll see how to build an iOS app with React Native without any Objective-C or Swift knowledge, only pure JavaScript!
  • Lifetime learning and support – React Native is new and still maturing this course will continue to grow and get updates as the language evolves.
  • Best Courses to learn React Native and React
  • The course teaches developers at any level to get started with React Native and start coding.
  • I’ve built the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning React and Redux.

From the creator of Build Web Apps with React and Flux (the most popular and best reviewed course on React hosted on Udemy), comes Go Mobile with React Native.
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Announcing the Release of Spectacle Editor

  • See a sample of what you can do with Spectacle Editor in the examples linked below.
  • Easily import images to your presentation or add background images to your slides.
  • Add interesting visual touches to your presentations with cool transition effects, or keep it seamless with a simple transitions.
  • We’d love to have more of the Open Source community contribute to Spectacle Editor.
  • Formidable is pleased to announce the release of Spectacle Editor, an open souce presentation editor built with Electron on top of Spectacle , our library for authoring interactive presentations in ReactJS. We collaborated with Plotly on this project, and it features seamless Plotly integration, including the ability to embed Plotly charts, publish presentations to plot.ly, and work with Plotly on-premise installations.

React.js consultants. JavaScript leaders and OSS innovators. Formidable builds the modern web. Challenge us with your next big problem.
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