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  • First you’ll need Node.js and the package manager that comes with it: npm .
  • Feel free to poke around the code to see how we’re using webpack and npm scripts to run the app.
  • Make the setup fast and easy 🙂

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Useful React Native NPM Scripts — Komenco Blog — Medium

  • The fresh-start script run the fresh-install and starts a clean-cached React Native packager.
  • I use these in all of my React Native projects and it really helps when things start getting weary (random failing builds, issues on library imports, and so on).
  • Feel free to use these scripts as I’m sure they can help speed up your React Native development as well.
  • Useful React Native NPM Scripts
  • Because of that, I’ve created a set of NPM scripts that have helped kickstart my React Native projects.

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@SGoresht: “Useful #Reactjs #reactNative @NPM Scripts — #JavaScript”

Coming from a web development background, React Native can seem like a Holy Grail of sorts. The sheer ability to use Javascript (and React…

Useful React Native NPM Scripts — Komenco Blog — Medium