Big changes afoot in the React/Redux ecosystem

  • If you’re using React and / or Redux, you should be aware of two major changes coming soon in each of those libraries.
  • In addition to the upcoming change in Redux, React has seen some major changes as well.
  • First, the new Context API was proposed and landed, the first major change using React’s new RFC process.
  • Once it comes out from behind that flag, you’ll be able to use Context in your applications, knowing that this is a stable API you can rely on.
  • The reason for this major change is they’ve found these lifecycle methods could be potentially unsafe in an async world, so they’re suggesting moving most of the logic previously implemented in the methods to either or the method itself.

First, Redux just released v4.0.0-beta.1. There doesn’t appear to be any major changes breaking changes unless you were using some of the types Redux is no longer exporting. There are also some additional checks and errors around dispatching too early in middleware, so it should solve a common pitfall when setting up middleware. It’s a problem I’ve experienced a few times when using brookjs and it’s why we recommend dispatching an INIT action after the application is bootstrapped.
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