Understanding The React Source Code — Initial Rendering (Simple Component) I

  • var childrenLength = arguments.length — 2; if (childrenLength === 1) { props.children = children; // scr: one child is stored as object } else if (childrenLength 1) { var childArray = Array(childrenLength); for (var i = 0; i childrenLength; i++) { childArray[i] = arguments[i + 2]; // scr: multiple children…
  • …var ReactElement = function(type, key, ref, self, source, owner, props) { // This tag allow us to uniquely identify this as a React Element $$typeof: REACT_ELEMENT_TYPE,// Built-in properties that belong on the element type: // scr: ————– ‘h1’ key: // scr: ————– not of interest for now ref: // scr:…
  • The name TopLevelWrapper explains what it does — wrap the top level element (of the component tree passed through render()):An important definition here is that of TopLevelWrapper, I type three stars here *** for you to CTL-f, as you might need to come back to this definition later:…var TopLevelWrapper = function() {…
  • The only line that is effective before the logic processes to next step is… var nextWrappedElement = { child: nextElement, that it should be easy to see how the target object of this step is constructed with React.createElement, the function we just examined in the last a `ReactCompositeComponent` using `ReactElement[2]`The…
  • In our context, it checks the ReactElement[2]’s type (i.e., TopLevelWrapper) and creates a ReactCompositeComponent accordingly.function shouldHaveDebugID) { var instance;… } else if (typeof node === ‘object’) { var element = node; var type = element.type;… // Special case string values if (typeof element.type === ‘string’) {… } else if {……

UI updating, in its essential, is data change. React offers a straightforward and intuitive way to program front-end Apps as all the moving parts are converged in the form of states. Code review of…
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ReactJS & Electron! :D

sMedium: A desktop app for writing Medium stories  via @gavindinubilo

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  • Gavin – I write code, also Jam API, and Songfari
  • A desktop app for writing Medium stories
  • I built sMedium because I want to get into writing on Medium, but often times getting way too distracted in the browser.
  • It comes with the same writing features that you get in Medium, making items bold, italicized, underlined, ability to write lists (get Medium famous yo)!

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@ChintanGhate: “ReactJS & Electron! 😀

sMedium: A desktop app for writing Medium stories via @gavindinubilo”

sMedium – A desktop app for writing Medium stories. (Mac and Medium) Read the opinion of 20 influencers.