Norbert de Langen: Storybook has reached outside the React ecosystem & will continue to do so

Read our interview with @NorbertdeLangen about his recent work on Storybook:  #ReactJS

  • We strongly believe the problems Storybook solves are not unique to any single platform.Of course, we’re also going to be improving the features and performance of Storybook, and create new ways for you to extend Storybook and customise it for your use-case.
  • Finally: we’re really seeing the community getting involved with Storybook, we get pull requests making Storybook better in all sorts of ways we didn’t expect.
  • So who knows what will be included in the next release?Has rebranding from React Storybook changed its culture or direction?The culture certainly changed — now the community itself is driving Storybook forward.
  • If anything, I’d say our focus on helping the community co-maintain Storybook has had a major impact.Do your company clients adapt React style guides to their workflow?Yes in fact, most of them do.What do you think is the future of web and mobile development?Who knows?
  • I’m super excited about native support for ES modules in the modern browsers and Node.js!What are your favorite components, libraries, or community projects?Babel, Webpack, React, Glamorous, Yarn, Express, ESlint, Prettier, Jest, GraphQL.I’m also a huge fan of community-driven meetups.Pick one and tell us why: Redux or MobX?It depends.

Today, we’re opening our new series of interviews for React Day Berlin. Since Norbert de Langen is going to speak about building Storybook in Berlin in December, we decided to ask him a couple of…
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Tech Stack Roundup #1: February 2017 – StackShare – Medium

Tech Stack Roundup #1: February 2017  #redux #reactnative #es6 #react #stackshare #reactjs

  • This month’s featured companies include big hitters like Twitter, Walmart Labs, The New York Times, Discord, Riot Games, HubSpot, OKCupid, Evernote, Instagram, Bugsnag, and even some hidden gems from Slack, Progressly, ReadMe, Mad Devs, and CodePicnic that got honorable mentions.One loud and recurring theme for the month of February: all-React everything.
  • Let’s put that into perspective — Twitter’s worldwide network directly interconnects with over 3,000 unique networks in many data centers worldwide.Authors: Mazdak Hashemi (@mazdakh), Vice President of Infrastructure and Operations Engineering at TwitterTech stack: Hadoop, Pelikan Cache, Apache, MySQL, FlockDBRiot Messaging Service software architect Michal Ptaszek shares insight on the microservice architecture of the Riot Messaging Service which enables their linear scalability and high fault tolerance.Authors: Michal Ptaszek, software architect at Riot GamesTech stack: Erlang, AWS, Docker, Terraform, Jepsen (a framework for distributed systems verification with fault injection)The New York Times Delivery and Site Reliability Engineering team is open sourcing two plugins to help other engineers who want to leverage as a continuous delivery solution.Authors: JP Robinson (@jprbnsn), Principal Software Engineer at The New York Times, Tony Li (@tonyhasfun), Site Reliability Engineer at The New York TimesTech stack: Docker, Go,, Google Container Engine, Kubernetes, PHP, Python; Plugins: drone-gke, drone-gaeWalmart Labs is leading the pack with two kick-ass posts.
  • Next up, Storing images in Cassandra at Scale and how they migrated 100’s of millions of images from a legacy system to a new Object Store.Authors: Alex Grigoryan (@lexgrigoryan), Building Application Platform @WalmartLabs, Vikas Bhat (@vbhat) Software Engineer @WalmartLabsTech stack: React, Redux, Webpack, CassandraHubspot has updated their 2014 post about how they’re making the switch from CocoaPods to Modularize to build their iOS app.
  • Additionally, Martín Bigio (@martinbigio), Don Yu, Brian Rosenfeld and Grace Ku are Software Engineers on the Core Client team at Instagram New York.Tech stack: React Native, React, Android, JavaScript, Python, DjangoBugsnag talks tech and how they are converting their React codebase from Coffeescript to ES6 due to evolutions in JavaScript and new larger feature sets that are usable in the browser without the need to transpile the code.Authors: Christian Schlensker, Senior Front-end Engineer at BugsnagTech stack: ES6, React, JavaScript, CoffeeScriptWith over 120 Million messages a day, Discord shares how they use Cassandra to store all of this data.
  • Originally built in under two months, the Discord team shares more about their challenges and new capabilities covering areas such as server selection, data modeling, and issues they faced during their most critical time — launch day!Authors: Stanislav Vishnevskiy, CTO at DiscordTech stack: Cassandra, MongoDB, Google Cloud Storage, C++, ScyllaDBAnd now.

Welcome to the first monthly, Tech Stack Roundup! Every month, we’ll gather the best tech stack blog posts from top companies around the world (sign up for weekly updates here). This month’s featured…
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Building Web at UrbanClap — The React Way – UrbanClap Engineering – Medium

Building web at @UrbanClap — The #ReactJS way:  #JavaScript #frontend

  • Each React component is readable and maintainable and you know where to make the changes and how your changes will affect the complete system.
  • You have the power to reuse the components as building blocks for the system.
  • Using shouldComponentUpdate , we can also optimise the rendering of react components as per requirements and minimising costly dom operations.
  • Facebook has provided a Rect dev tool as chrome extension to inspect the components.
  • Data is trickled down from parent component to child components.

At UrbanClap, we love exploring new things — new libraries, frameworks and new ways of doing things more efficiently. We love anything that makes our work efficient by adding more value to our…
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More Ways to Extend React Storybook — KADIRA VOICE

We've introduce a new extension API for #reactjs storybook:

  • Today, we are introducing an extension API with which you can write extensions to React Storybook.
  • With addons you can add new functionalities to React Storybook.
  • We started to look for new ways to extend React Storybook while maintaining its stability.
  • You can also share extensions you’ve built and use extensions created by others .
  • You can use the Storybook UI to display anything you want.

Read the full article, click here.

@kadirahq: “We’ve introduce a new extension API for #reactjs storybook:”

We wanted React Storybook to be stable and customizable from day one. This came with a price: contributing to React Storybook was harder…

More Ways to Extend React Storybook — KADIRA VOICE

Web Development Workshop with React.JS Tickets, Sa, 16.07.2016 um 09:30 Uhr

New date for our React.js Workshop. Join us July 16 in Berlin!  #reactjs #javascript #tech

  • → Everyone else who would like to learn more about meaningful digital products
  • With N3XTCODER we develop meaningful digital products in new ways.
  • Join us on July 16, 2016 and start building your first web feature using React.js.
  • UPDATE: Please note that we changed the date for the workshop, which will now take place on Saturday, July 16!

Read the full article, click here.

@N3xtCoder: “New date for our React.js Workshop. Join us July 16 in Berlin! #reactjs #javascript #tech”

Eventbrite – N3XTCODER präsentiert Web Development Workshop with React.JS – Samstag, 16. Juli 2016, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Berlin, Berlin.. Informieren Sie sich über das Event und darüber, wie Sie an Tickets gelangen.

Web Development Workshop with React.JS Tickets, Sa, 16.07.2016 um 09:30 Uhr