Let’s Build: Cryptocurrency Native Mobile App With React Native + Redux

Let’s Build: Cryptocurrency Native #Mobile #App With #ReactJS Native + Redux:  by @lasnindrek

  • Begin by installing setting up our native app development environment.Open our terminal and run couple commands for installing React Native and launching our preferred simulator.
  • You can choose between iOS or Android simulator.
  • (simulator) — $ npm run ios — iOS(simulator )— $ npm run Device )— $ npm run start — QR code and options.
  • Also you’re going to need the expo app as well.Expo for Android — Expo for iOSthe iPhone X simulator works beautifully in harmony with RN.
  • JSX lets you write your markup language inside code.

Greetings fellow techies! It’s me, Indrek. I recently accepted a new job at Switzerland, Zurich {Grotzi! — translation: Hi} as a senior software engineer at one of the biggest banks. It’s been quite…
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Jest 14.0: React Tree Snapshot Testing · Jest

  • For Facebook’s native apps we use a system called “snapshot testing”: a snapshot test system that renders UI components, takes a screenshot and subsequently compares a recorded screenshot with changes made by an engineer.
  • As a result many people stopped writing tests altogether which eventually led to instabilities.
  • With snapshot testing I do not need the output files, the snapshots are generated for free by Jest!
  • Engineers frequently told us that they spend more time writing a test than the component itself.
  • import renderer from ‘react/lib/ReactTestRenderer’ ; test ( ‘Link renders correctly’ , ( ) = > { const tree = renderer .

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@cpojer: “Jest 14.0: React Snapshot Testing, experimental React-Native support and future plans for Jest. Try it out now!”

One of Jest’s philosophies is to provide an integrated “zero-configuration” experience. We want to make it as frictionless as possible to write good tests that are useful. We observed that when engineers are provided with ready-to-use tools, they end up writing more tests, which in turn results in stable and healthy code bases.

Jest 14.0: React Tree Snapshot Testing · Jest