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Choosing a #frontend framework in 2017:  #EmberJS #Meteor #ReactJS #AngularJS

  • Many developers were attracted to Angular.js because it was built by Google which gave Angular.js automatic credibility.At about the same time, Web Components specification promised to make it possible for developers to create reusable widgets that were isolated from their context and were easy to compose with other widgets.The Web Components specification was four separate specifications that worked together.HTML Template — provides HTML markup for the componentCustom Element — provides a mechanism to create a custom HTML elementShadow DOM — isolates the internals of the component from the context that rendered itHTML Import — makes it possible to load the Web Component into a pageA team at Google created a polyfill library that provided Web Components for all browsers at the time.
  • The Ember.js team looked at large Backbone applications to find similarities.They identified the need to render nested views where some parts of the application where consistent while other parts changed from one part of the app to another.They also saw the URL as a key player in the architecture of web applications.
  • Some brave Backbone developers were adding React as views to their applications to fix performance problems that they were encountering.In response to the threat posed by React, the Ember core team created a plan to adopt ideas introduced by React into the Ember framework.
  • They recognized the need for backward compatibility and created an upgrade path that allowed existing applications to upgrade to a version of Ember that included a new React-inspired rendering engine.Over the course of 4 minor releases Ember.js deprecated Views, moved the community to a CLI-based build process and made component-based architecture the foundation of Ember application development.
  • The Angular team calls the new framework a platform because they plan to provide everything that a professional developer needs to build web applications.

There’s been a lot of development in the frontend frameworks ecosystem over the last seven years. We’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build and maintain large applications. We’ve seen many new…
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Which JavaScript Framework for WordPress Core? — SitePoint

  • If you keep up on WordPress news at all, you may be aware that WordPress Core will soon include a JavaScript framework, in addition to Backbone.js (which will remain and continue to be maintained).
  • But the hunt for the correct JavaScript framework for WordPress Core has been an interesting one.
  • Choosing a JavaScript Framework for WordPress
    Over the course of the weekly JavaScript Chats held on the WordPress contributor Slack on May 23 and on May 30, the decision has been narrowed down to React or Vue.js.
  • Here are a few points brought up by people on either side regarding the two candidates:

    Has a (relatively speaking) higher learning curve, which might prove to be a barrier especially to new JS developers or WordPress developers adopting JS
    Licensing issues (particularly this one)
    Some WordPress contributors worry about so tightly linking WordPress to React, and by extension Facebook, a company whose ideology does not quite align with that of WordPress.

  • And of course, all of this has people talking yet again about WordPress and its future with JavaScript.

WordPress contributors square off, trying to determine the best JavaScript framework for WordPress (React vs Vue.js!). Which framework do you support?
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I’m Sticking With React (For Now) – Hacker Noon

I’m Sticking With React (For Now) @SeanKilgarriff  #Reactjs #JavaScript #WebDev

  • I used a package for React to handle my CSS transitions because they are difficult to implement when working with a virtual dom.
  • In one quick google you can find any package for React written as a component.
  • Inferno had no solution for CSS transitions.
  • While I understand that both of these frameworks are still very much under construction, the stability that React provides my applications is too good to give up.
  • With both Inferno and Preact, there was no solution for my custom CSS transitions – the infrastructure just wasn’t there .

Last month, I converted my personal website to React after gaining a lot of experience with it in the workplace. I used my website as a guinea pig to stretch React to the limits and see what I could…
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You Might Not Need React – Hacker Noon

You Might Not Need React  #Reactjs #JavaScript

  • You have the limited developers team with their skills and limited time for work.
  • People around want us to use the newest technologies available to us, right after they have been created.
  • We leave off working on our projects not written with React / ES6 / Webpack (or name another new technology) just because it’s not cool that they were written not with it.
  • New technology is not always a good thing.
  • I don’t mean that we don’t have to move on and bring new technologies into the development of our products.

“If you are a front-end developer and you still don’t use React in your projects, you might be a bad front-end developer. You don’t use ES6 either, do you? Too bad for you then. Maybe Webpack? No…
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Create Web Apps with Meteor & React

Create Web Apps with Meteor & React


  • You will learn how to create a full functional app, a polling app, from start to finish.
  • With Meteor.js you can build sophisticated real-time web apps faster than you can imagine.
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to build web apps
  • With the course you will learn all that you need to start creating your own cutting-edge web apps with Meteor and React.
  • Meteor is a new framework that makes building web apps easier, simpler, and faster.

Learn how to create real-time applications using only JavaScript by creating a full polling app
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