Ionic vs React Native: Which One is Better?

Ionic vs React Native: Which One is Better?
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  • The top two hybrid and native program creation frameworks are Ionic React Native respectively.
  • Among the greatest advantages of the React Native, Ionic, and other similar frameworks (for example, Xamarin) is the availability of such useful capacities as: – – – – The ability to make a developer’s working routine significantly more convenient.
  • However, one of the most recent innovations and advantages of the Ionic framework was the development of the so-called Ionic Native – a set of Cordova plugin TypeScript wrappers that smoothes the functioning of native elements and makes them launch change detection in Angular.
  • Read also: TOP 7 JavaScript Libraries That Worth Your Attention – – – – Ionic vs React Native – First and foremost, the differences between Ionic and RN lie in the fact that they propose dissimilar approaches towards the application development.
  • Unlike the Ionic framework, React Native lets you build a mobile application with the standard UI blocks.

In this article, we provide you with a quick overview of the React Native comparison with Ionic. Find here our personal verdict as for which platform to choose. Just keep in mind, that both platforms have numerous advantages to please you.
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