What Makes React Native the Future of Hybrid App Development?

What Makes #reactnative the #future of Hybrid App Development?  #appdevelopment #hybrid

  • Presently, numbers of mobile app developers have started using React Native to develop mobile apps.
  • When a mobile app developer starts developing apps using specific platform and programming language such as Java for Android or Swift/Objective-C for iOS, the application is known as a native.
  • React Native is an efficient tool from Facebook to benefits developing a hybrid app for Android and iOS.
  • Furthermore, they can also use their code written in any platform which becomes highly beneficial for mobile app developers to focus on other things rather than writing the same code each time when developing a new app.
  • Reusability of code, highly portable, focused UI, compatibility for third party app integration as well as enhance the efficiency of developers has made react native popular for Hybrid app development.

React Native is popularly used for hybrid app development due to its number of benefits. Check out why it is good for your next hybrid app development project.
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Why Build Mobile Apps With React Native? Is ReactJS Development Any Good?

Why Build Mobile #apps With React Native? Is #reactjs #development Any Good? Know Here -->

  • Just how do you choose between native and hybrid app development?
  • Both uses two sets of codes and although they are similar to a certain extent, it doesn’t reduce the time of development.In came hybrid app development where a single code could be used on both platforms.
  • So, hybrid apps started to lose out on user feel and the beam again started shifting to native ones.React Native Mobile AppsReact Native employs JSX, an extension of JavaScript which is a blend of both HTML and Java.
  • ReactJS development keeps the underlying framework same and eliminates the necessity of learning two separate languages.Plus, any web developer and shift to app development if it’s React Native.
  • So, the apps build with this are incorporates the agility of native apps along with the speed and functionality.And if you already have a hybrid app running, you can simply apply these React Native components to bring the best out.

The debate among app developers to take a side and to try to prove which is better has been going on for too long now. Just how do you choose between native and hybrid app development? While native…
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Say “Hello world” using React Native in Linux – Code Like A Girl

Say “Hello world” using React Native in Linux

  • Say “Hello world” using React Native in LinuxStart the journey of developing native apps now.Hi everyone.So far I’m beginning to learn React Native and I’m very happy to share my way of starting out.Some background about me : I am 20 years old, a third year Computer Science student, and currently working as…
  • Install the React Native CLI.You may install this using the following command : npm install -g react-native-cli3.
  • Create a new React Native project.To start a new project, type the following command : react-native init project name4.
  • Run the react native appRun and build the app using the following command:for android : react-native run-androidAfter successful build, the following will appear on your mobile phone :Welcome message of a new React Native AppCongrats!
  • ^_^ConclusionReact native makes mobile development fun and easy by enabling developers to use the same JS codebase for building both android and ios native apps.I’m really looking forward to building my own mobile apps using React native soon.

This tutorial will focus on setting up your react native development environment on Linux as well as running your “Hello World” app in your mobile android device. We will build our application in a…
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Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future Of Web Development

  • At its core, a Progressive Web App (PWA) is simply a web application that uses modern web techniques to deliver a native app-like experience to users.
  • These are web applications with progressive enhancement to implement features like caching, background sync, and push notifications.Even though PWAs have been around for more than two years now, the response is quite underwhelming.
  • The best part about PWAs — you get the best user experience possible in slow connectivity as well as no connectivity (yep , you read it right.
  • The cost can get much higher if you plan to develop and maintain separate code bases for different platforms like Android, iOS and the web.Native App features that PWAs can usePush notificationsFull ScreenOffline workingSplash screen is supported giving it a more app like feelPWAs can make use of many more such…
  • However, there are some traditional features that only native apps enjoy as of now.Native App features that PWAs can’t use as of nowNo or highly restrictive access to different hardware sensorsAlarmsPhonebook AccessModfiying System SettingsPWAs are evolving quite fast and we can hope to see these features come to action pretty soon.Two…

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz around PWAs with many claiming it to be future of web development, especially in terms of mobile devices. At its core, a Progressive Web App (PWA) is simply a web…
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Development Frameworks, PhoneGap and React Native make Mobile Application Development Easier

Native or Hybrid app for your business? #phonegap #mobileappdevelopmentindia #mobileapp.

  • Hybrid mobile applications are developed through web technologies, which includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and are hosted inside a native application that utilizes WebView.
  • So, with hybrid frameworks such as PhoneGap and React Native, developers are now finding it easier to create mobile applications that run anywhere irrespective of the device and platform.
  • A hybrid app development framework, PhoneGap / Apache Cordova can be easily extended through native plugins, thus allowing developers to add more functionality to the mobile application and enables to have access to the device’s camera, contacts, location, and much more.
  • With a hybrid framework, developers can create a single version of the mobile application and get it across multiple platforms within small time-frame and at a lesser cost.
  • Since hybrid mobile applications save data offline (through device API), the loading time is less compared to native and mobile web applications.

The increasing dependency on SmartPhones has enabled businesses to offer services through custom mobile applications and due to which the demand for mobile application developers
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React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way

React native or phonegap- build apps the easy way - @konstantinfo #MobileApps #WhaTech

  • To make this happen in reality, the communities of expert developers out there have changed the ruled of the app development by creating super-fast frameworks like React Native and PhoneGap.
  • Most mobile app development companies of today are working on improving their React Native and PhoneGap app development skills so as to gratify the business requirements of every company, entrepreneur, startup and enterprise across the worlds.
  • Belonging to the cross-platform app development, both PhoneGap and React Native frameworks only maintain a single codebase in HTML, CSS and JavaScript web technologies for both iOS and Android, instead of constructing parallel codebases in Swift and Java.
  • Since React Native is all about JavaScript, mobile app development companies need not train their employees exclusively on certain skills.
  • Related Article: The 7 Best Hybrid App Development Frameworks for 2017 – – In sum, those not from the tech world may only believe native Android and iOS apps to be the only solutions to delivering an engaging and feature-rich app experience to the users.

Now develop your mobile apps the cross-platform way where they look and feel like native with React Native and PhoneGap. React Native is Facebook’s backed UI component library making app development easier than ever before.
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The secret to being a top developer is building things! Here’s a list of fun apps to build!

  • Here’s a list of fun apps to build!You can only become a great developer by putting the effort in.
  • Keep it conflict free, use whatever you want!Project #1: Trello CloneTrello clone by Indrek Lasn — Demo LinkWhat you will learn from building a trello clone:RoutingDrag and dropCreating new objects (boards, lists, cards)Handling inputs and validationClient side path: How to use local storage, saving data to the local storage, reading data from the local…
  • What you will learn:Creating users, managing users,Interacting with a database — creating, reading, editing, deleting users.Input validation and how to work with formsProject #3: Cryptocurrency tracker (native mobile app)Github repositoryHAS to be a native app — Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Java, Kotlin allowed.
  • 😊What you will learn:How native apps work.Fetching data from an API.How native layouts work.How to work with mobile simulators.Use this API.
  • Post in comments if you find a better one.In case you’re interested in how this was built, I wrote a tutorial for it.Project #4: Setup your very own webpack config from scratchWell, technically this is not an app but it’s still extremely useful to understand how webpack works under the hood….

You can only become a great developer by putting the effort in. Imagine for a moment — You can’t become fit physically by reading a lot about fitness. You actually need to go to the gym and put the…
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