I will handle everything.

I will handle everything.   #androiddevelopment #react #native #iosdevelopment #swift

  • Are you looking for expert mobile application developer?
  • Do you want to expand your business or services by developing mobile applications?
  • You are landed at the right place, I am having extensive experience with Designing and Developing Android and iOS application.
  • I can develop Native application as well as using cross platform Xamarin and PhoneGap.
  • And remember that development cost will be depends on the complexity and functionality of the application.

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Building Mobile Applications with React Native. A brief introduction.

Building Mobile Applications with #reactnative. A brief introduction.

  • If you open your App.js you’ll encounter something along the lines of: – Components are the core of React Native, every visual element of your app is a component.
  • This styling cheat sheet is very handy when you’re getting started to check on what properties are available when styling components, but for a complete description the go to place is the online React Native documentation.
  • There are many basic elements that React Native provides as starting points and building blocks for our components: Views, ScrollViews, Text, TextInput, Touchable components that respond to touch input, Image, etc… As your UI starts growing and you have the need to add more and more Native components you’ll start…
  • Props and State – These are important concepts that will bring functionality, customisation and the ability to reuse components throughout your application.
  • We’ve created a new component that makes use of props and state to render a few text elements to the screen of our app’s.

The number of mobile devices is estimated to cross the 5 billion [1] mark between 2018 and 2019. This is pushing the mobile application development market forward, with the ever increasing demand for…
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Learning React and React-Native – Jorge Rubiano – Medium

Learning React and React-Native  #react #learning #reactnative #reactjs #reactjs

  • Learning React and React-NativeExample APP React-nativeIn this article I want to show you about my learning experience using the technologies: “React” and “react-native”, in this moment I am not an expert in this topic, but I am convinced the best option for learning is to create something.Shots — Game ES6I heard about react in the past year (2016), in that year I followed the new technologies and standards in Javascript, learning about ES6, how to configure a basic environment with npm scripts, in this case I used this environment to develop simple games with ES6 and use new technologies such as Service WorkerI decided to start learn react, At first to me was complicated because I had never used webpack, the majority of tutorials I followed need configure this tool initially.Fortunately in this year emerged create-react-app, with this module is very easy to start a project with react, this module configure the environment for you.With create-react-app developed my first “Hello World”, the process was very easy, even the browser makes automatic updates, I think this is “Awesome”.
  • I read articles and saw videos about react, later I decided search a course, It called my attention “react for beginners” by Wes Bos, I learned other topics in courses the Wes Bos for example Flexbox, then I decided to take that course (React for Beginners).
  • Example Project course.The project we develop in this course is called “Catch of the day”, we not only learned about react but also firebase, in this course I understood about the JSX, state, props, components, routing, fetch data and other topics.For me this course is a good introduction to learn react, in this course we not use redux or other libraries to manage the state.Personally I liked React because I use ES6 in the process, for example .
  • reducer, arrow functions and other features , I know there are other fantastic frameworks for example AngularJS/Angular or libraries such as VueJS, At this moment for my work React is the perfect tool.

In this article I want to show you about my learning experience using the technologies: “React” and “react-native”, in this moment I am not an expert in this topic, but I am convinced the best option…
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DDI Development is expanding React Native team. And here’s why

  • In order to avoid these issues, you have to implement native modules that would access platform controls.
  • We can achieve performance results that would be close or equal to native apps.
  • Nor the product owner is eager to invest in native apps.
  • React Native allows you to build native modules and inject them without losing any capabilities of the platform.
  • It’s hard to predict what direction mobile development is going be drifting.

React Native has been recently released for both iOS and Android. Here are the reasons why we’re actively adopting the framework. It’s time to streamline corporate app development to cover the emerging need and React Native seems to be the best fit.
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