7 Best Javascript Frameworks 2017 For Web Developers

  • Node.js provides server-side scripting feature as javascript Frameworks to runs server-side scripts to produce dynamic web page content.
  • Angular JS 2 stand among the most popular Javascript frameworks which is used by many developers to build and maintain complex web applications.
  • It contains different functionalities similar to other javaScript frameworks contains  which support other parts of the application in a form of services & also improves the existing modules into ES6 modules.
  • Vue collaborates with WEEX, which is a cross-platform UI framework which uses Vue as its best Javascript frameworks for runtime which helps to use same Vue component syntax as well as other components that cannot be rendered in the Browser & also natively on iOS and Android.
  • Hence, Many JavaScript frameworks offer innovative features to manage complexity in web applications with an integrated development toolkit that enables rapid iteration.

JavaScript is a scripting language used in web development to add dynamic and interactive elements to the websites using various Javascript Frameworks
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The Pros and Cons of ReactJS for your Online Business

The Pros and Cons of ReactJS for your Online Business  via @janlgordon

  • With React, it is possible for webmasters and online business owners to develop large web-based applications that change data while reloading pages.
  • Webmasters can also use React together with other forms of frameworks or JavaScript libraries like Angular in MVC.
  • It makes it possible to reuse components that didn’t produce changes, and this makes programming more comfortable and precise for online business owners.
  • The great news for webmasters is that Google might still find the React component when just the client-side is rendered.
  • ReactJS is a great framework for online business.

This isn’t quite a ReactJS guide for the layman. But it is a useful for business owners, if only to glean enough to know how to talk with your techie
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Relax with React – Natasha Gitlin – Medium

Relax with React  #props #react #components #state #lifecycle #reactjs

  • With JSX, you pass a function as the event handler rather than a string.ComponentsReact is made up of container and presentational components or as Dan Abramov coined it, smart and dumb.
  • Presentational components are concerned with [how things look], receive data and callbacks with exclusively props and rarely have their own state.
  • Container components concerned with [how things work], provide application data and fetch data.
  • It is just another way of building an MVC framework where the presentational components are the views and container the controllers.LifecycleThe lifecycle of a component are customizable and goes through different phases when the components are in a state of change.
  • A prop supports or keeps something in position whereas a state is a condition that is susceptible to change.Before I dive right into my final project, I need to figure out the proper structure of my application.

I have made it to the final level. I’ve acquired the XP and skillset needed to ascend to the top and attain the apex of web development. Mind you, this is just the first hurdle in my programming…
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ReactJS a popular Javascript library – Oceanize Geeks – Medium

ReactJS a popular Javascript library  #javascript

  • ReactJS a popular Javascript libraryWhy React?If we think about why we choose ReactJS library over other Javascript framework the first things is come into our mind React is really very fast.
  • When transactions happen to that state, React takes care of updating the User Interfaces based on that.React is just JavaScript, there is a very small API to learn, just a few functions and how to use them.
  • After that, your JavaScript skills are what make you a better React developer.
  • A JavaScript developer can become a productive React developer in a few hours.React can also render on the server using Node and power mobile apps using React Native.Cons of ReactJS:React is evolving so fast some time developer failed to collaborate with the pace of emerging ReactJS.
  • Developers and designers complain about JSX’s complexity and consequent steep learning curve.After considering above pros and cons Although its to early to predict but we can assume that reactJS is creating new trend in Javascript library.

If we think about why we choose ReactJS library over other Javascript framework the first things is come into our mind React is really very fast. Comparing to other javascript framework like…
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The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

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  • The product(s) you are about to install leverage the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) for installation.
  • By downloading and using the Web Platform Installer (WebPI), you agree to the license terms and privacy statement for WebPI.
  • This installer will contact Microsoft over the Internet to retrieve product information.
  • WebPI uses the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), which is turned on by default, see privacy statement for more information.
  • To view which software uses CEIP, see here.

Home of the Microsoft ASP.NET development community. Download Visual Studio, post to the forums, read ASP.NET blogs and learn about ASP.NET.
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How The React Framework is Changing Front-End Development

An Introduction to the #React Framework @reactjs #webdev

  • If you’re looking for instant page loads, or the ability to handle long lists of dynamic content changing within the view, React may be the JavaScript library for you.
  • Enter React, an isomorphic JavaScript library released by Facebook in 2013, that allowed developers to use SSR to build modern web apps.
  • One of the reasons developers had started to drift away from SSR was that it was necessary to have to load the entire web page every time something changed within the view.
  • React introduced a workaround called the Virtual DOM that allowed developers to take advantage of the inherent performance advantage of SSR, without having to update the entire view every time a user made a small change to the UI.
  • React is a powerful UI library that brings the power of SSR, isomorphic JavaScript, and component-based web development to modern dynamic web applications.

React (also known as React.js or ReactJs) is a powerful JavaScript library that uses server-side rendering (SSR) to provide a flexible, performance-oriented, componentized front-end solution. If you’re looking for instant page loads or the ability to handle long lists of dynamic content changing within the view, React may be the JavaScript library for you. Read on to learn more about React.
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5 Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2017

  • In the meanwhile, JavaScript web frameworks can become a silver bullet for quick web app development.
  • Angular.js is often referred to as an MVW (Model-View-Whatever) framework and among the top benefits, for startups and mid-sized companies, people name: quick code production, easy testing of any app part and two-way data binding (changes in the backend are immediately reflected on the UI).
  • As for now, it is reasonably called the most used JS framework for SPAs (Single-Page Applications) development and it boasts the largest community of developers.
  • Back in 2015 Ember was called the best javascript framework for web application, leaving behind React and AngularJS.
  • When it comes to quick web development or prototyping, JavaScript frameworks are among the most favorable and 2017 won’t become an exception.

JavaScript popularity continues its rising. In 2016 we’ve witnessed such great changes, as AngularJS entire upgrade and introduction of Angular 2, ultimate dominating of jQuery that is applied on 96.5% of all JS sites, evolution of ECMAScript, two updates of Node.js in April and October accordingly, React finest hours, and even more.  What to expect from 2017?
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