Adding Users to the Node.js / React.js Neo4j Movie App

Adding Users to the #Nodejs / #Reactjs Neo4j Movie App

via @thesilverlogic

  • Once a user has logged in and navigated to a page that displays movies, the user can select a star rating for the movie or remove the rating of a movie he or she has already rated.
  • When a user visits their own profile, the user will see movie recommendations.
  • These users will be able to log in and out, rate movies, and receive movie recommendations.
  • Before a User can rate a Movie , the the user has to exist – someone has to sign up for an account.
  • Users with established tastes may be interested in finding movies with similar characteristics as his or her highly-rated movies, while not necessarily caring about whether another user has or hasn’t already rated the movie.

Learn how to add users and movie recommendation engine to the Neo4j Movie App Template using Node.js and React.js in addition to the Cypher query language.
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