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Bringing our mad skillz to Wagtail  #react #wagtail #performance #reactjs

  • In the past our work has taken us to Ede, Netherlands, and Cape Town, South Africa but this time we headed North to Reykjavík, Iceland thanks to our friends at Overcast Software.Over two days our group of nearly 20 were divided into specific task forces focusing on:Creating a new demo site for Wagtail that better demonstrates its capabilities.Making Wagtail faster on all devices for everyone in all locations.Overhauling the page explorer menu by rebuilding it with an API and React.Rebuilding the rich text editing experience from the ground up.Let’s have a look at the latter three areas that Springload actively contributes to.Optimising the performance of modern web appsSpringload has a lot of expertise in this area.
  • The impact of poor performance on user experience is well known across the industry, and it is paramount for the Wagtail experience to be best in class.As part of this sprint, we contributed by setting up tooling to audit and monitor Wagtail’s performance with, Grafana and Graphite.
  • We just got a BrowserStack subscription for Wagtail, which is going help a lot.BrowserStack provides us with automated screenshots, as well as On-demand browser instances — to test and debug in real browsers, without having to maintain local installations of many browser versions.Both users and developers have mixed feelings when it comes to rich text editing.
  • Try our online demo!Screenshot from the Draftail demoAs part of the sprint, we refined the integration of the editor within Wagtail with the help of Torchbox and the Little Weaver Web Collective.Building the future of WagtailWe invest so much in the future of Wagtail because we truly believe open-source communities are a great approach to software development.
  • We were so stoked to learn that what we’re contributing to building was used to make Hillary Clinton’s campaign site, and this is a perfect reminder that the impact of open-source software goes well beyond its original users.If you are interested in helping us making Wagtail the best product it can be, Springload is actively looking for designers and developers.

Springload regularly attends development sprints of Wagtail. They’re a great occasion to meet with other core contributors, and drive the project together towards the needs of its users, aka our…
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How to Make Your First Route in Laravel 5

  • In this video tutorial from my course Get Started With Laravel 5, you’ll learn how to handle your first request with your first route in Laravel 5!
  • This was just one lesson from my comprehensive 2.5-hour course, Get Started With Laravel 5.
  • In the full course, you’ll get a solid grounding in the Laravel framework.
  • Then you’ll move on to learn foundational topics such as routing and requests, responses, views, sessions, emails, forms, and using databases.
  • If you want to learn more about Laravel, try some more Laravel courses, or check out some of the useful Laravel scripts and plugins available on Envato Market.

 Laravel is a PHP framework for modern web apps. It ships with built-in support for database migrations, object-relational mapping, routing, and authentication, making it easier for developers to…
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All about NodeJS

All about NodeJS


  • The entire app runs on an Amazon EC2 Cloud Server which we will create from scratch and configure for use.
  • Featuring ES6 and a more comprehensive deep dive into building a practical NodeJS app using the Express framework.
  • The NodeJS app lets users upload files, which are then resized to thumbnails on the server and stored in an Amazon S3 Bucket for optimal delivery to the front end interface.
  • NodeJS is a platform that allows developers to write server side high performance and networked applications.
  • We will go all the from concept creation, UI/UX design to coding and deploying our app on the cloud.

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Create & Deploy High Performance NodeJS Apps on the Cloud and More !

All about NodeJS

AngularJS or React JS? Which one suits my busin…

#AngularJS or #ReactJS? Which one suits my #business requirement?  #WebsiteOntwikkeling

  • It is known as a framework but it is JavaScript library that offers great support for web application development .
  • After the blog, I hope it becomes easier for you to decide on the technology for web application development.
  • It has resulted in increased efficiency of development of web applications.
  • It is now among most popular frameworks for web app development .
  • Reat.js offers SX files that suits contemporary way of web application development.

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When you are running a business, it is important to choose the right kind of IT structure that suits your business requirements while you are looking into aspects of the budget. In todays time when development is moving towards Front End Development, JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ext JS, React.js etc are much popular among developers and IT companies as a part of the IT structure technology stack.

AngularJS or React JS? Which one suits my busin…