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  • But for a feature rich app experience, it’s just not going to give good enough results.Even Facebook initially built their app as a mobile web app to be able to roll out features faster, but eventually switched back to native.Write once, build nativeIf each native platform needs code written in it’s…
  • Microsoft has invested heavily in cross platform mobile tooling, because as less than 1% of the global market for mobile devices, no one is going to build apps for just their platform alone.A slightly different approach is used by React Native (and Native Script).
  • While the word hybrid is certainly apt, React Native works so differently from the HTML based hybrid app options, I’d like to think of it as different class instead, with it’s main characteristic being the way it plays puppeteer to the native interface.The way that this works in practice is…
  • If your JavaScript decides to make the header bar change colour, it sends a message to the main native app thread, saying “the header bar should be red now”, and the native header bar widget changes it’s colour to red.This is only different from truly native mobile in a few…
  • So far, I haven’t needed this escape hatch, but it’s good to know that it’s there.SummaryHere’s my opinionated breakdown.Separate native mobile apps give a good result but having multiple code-bases is both too expensive and too slow for fast-moving companies.Mobile friendly web design is very important for all websites, but…

You’re an entrepreneur or project manager trying to see if a technical decision is right for your business, but what’s the most cost effective way for your engineers to build a mobile product? As a…
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Path to React Native: From Rookie to Rockstar

We've put together a handy guide to help you master React & React Native quickly 🚀

  • We’re now able to build native apps for both iOS and Android platforms using pure JavaScript.
  • Once you’re familiar with the React basics, you’re actually equipped with all the knowledge necessary to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • We’ve been building apps with React and React Native for a while now and have been getting steadily more impressed with the way the ecosystem is developing.
  • Build Apps with React Native on Udemy is an 8-hour introduction to React Native that you can complete without needing any React.js knowledge.
  • Short and focused introductory videos: React Native Fundamentals on egghead.

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@wearehanno: “We’ve put together a handy guide to help you master React & React Native quickly 🚀”

Building a hybrid mobile app seemed like a really big challenge just a few years ago. Unless you wanted to earn a reputation for building half-arsed and sluggish mobile app interfaces, you’d have been better off spending your time and money on proper (native) iOS or Android developers instead.

Path to React Native: From Rookie to Rockstar