The Beginner’s Guide to ReactJS – kentcdodds

  • You can find it here: weeks ago, my newsletter was an overview of the Advanced React Component Patterns course (that’s been published today!)
  • This week I’d like to talk a little bit about the other course that was published: The Beginner’s Guide to ReactJS.In the beginner’s course every lesson is an individual index.html file.
  • If you ever teach a total beginner React, make sure that you help them get a solid understanding that creating React elements is not magic and that JSX is a really simple abstraction on top of React.createElement.
  • Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns — I’m just pretty excited about the course release! Sale — Save 30% on a year subscription!ReactPrimer – React component prototyping tool that generates fully connected class component code.Partial Application Lambda Parameter Syntax for JavaScript — Awesome use of babel-macrosUsing Glitch as a UNIX command line playground — Interesting idea!Some tweets from…
  • 🧟🧟‍♂️🏹 29 Nov 2017I’m having a conversation about semicolons again️ 30 Nov 2017Next language I learn will be @reasonml 👌 3 Dec my big announcement!My @eggheadio courses have been published and are totally FREE!“Learn React Fundamentals and Advanced Patterns” 4 Dec 2017P.

The course is free forever on! Let’s talk about how it teaches even developers experienced with React ⚛️ NOTE: This is a cross-post from my newsletter. I publish each email two weeks after…
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Rendering a function with React – kentcdodds

  • But there are reasons for the API as it is and that’s not what we’re going over in this newsletter…With ReactSo thinking about this in the context of React:const getHomeContent = getContent(‘pages.home’)const ui = ( a href=”/about” {getHomeContent(‘nav.about’)} /a)// that’ll get you:a href=”/about”About/aSo far so good.
  • Anyway, this will break the app:const getHomeContent = getContent(‘pages.typo’)const ui = ( a href=”/about” {getHomeContent(‘nav.about’)} /a)// 💥 error 💥Again, this is happening because getContent(‘pages.typo’) will return the string {pages.typo} (to indicate that there’s no content at that path and the developer needs to fix that problem to get the content)….
  • The issue is that you can’t invoke a string but that’s what’s happening because getHomeContent is a string, not a function.A solution and a new problemSo the change I made this week makes it so when there’s no content at a given path, instead of a string, it returns a “sorta-curried”…
  • No problem.So now this wont throw an error, but we lose rendering the path if there’s no content!const getHomeContent = getContent(‘pages.typo’)const ui = ( a href=”/about” {getHomeContent(‘nav.about’)} /a)// that’ll get you:a href=”/about”/aAnd we want to make sure that we show the missing content so it’s more obvious for developers (yes…
  • Let’s rewrite the above to make this more clear:const getHomeContent = getContent(‘pages.typo’)const aboutContent = ui = a in this example is a function because the call to getContent had a typo, so we’ll never actually find content that matches the full path.

NOTE: This is a cross-post from my newsletter. I publish each email two weeks after it’s sent. Subscribe to get more content like this earlier right in your inbox! 💌 This week I was working on an…
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JavaScript programmers need to learn Clojure – Reactive Conf

#JavaScript programmers NEED to learn #Clojure:  #ReactJS

  • And later he gave one of the most exciting talks of the last year’s ReactiveConf:Eventually, since we are huge fans of Clojure, we joined our efforts with EuroClojure and persuaded them to organize their 2016 conference in Bratislava:Clojure has forever changed the JavaScript communityMaybe you’ve never heard about Clojure, but it’s had a huge impact on you how program front-ends regardless.
  • Redux, immutable data, time travel debugging, hot reloading — all of this has been inspired by the Clojure community.Its creator, Rich Hickey, has taught us over the time thatDaniel Higginbotham summarized the key takeaways in The Unofficial Guide to Rich Hickey’s Brain, and I strongly recommend this read for everyone coming to functional programming from the OOP world.Closer look at ClojureNow you’re wondering what makes Clojure so special.Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, and we all know the jokes about Lisp parentheses, don’t we?
  • Even the code is just a huge nested list of lists, which is where the parentheses come from.Extremely simple Clojure exampleThis simplicity makes it easy to write functions that transform and generate the Clojure code.
  • For instance, generators, CSP, destructuring, or pattern matching, are implemented in Clojure as macros.You don’t use classes and objects in Clojure, you work with pure data instead.
  • The ticket will grant you access to all three days of the event.3 days packed with React, Reason, Vue, Angular, Clojure, and moreDon’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Medium for exciting news and announcements.By Samuel Hapák, co-organizer of ReactiveConf

It’s half past noon, and I’m sitting in a nice hummus place in Manhattan. I look anxiously at the big clock on the wall every few seconds because I should be having lunch with David Nolen, my…
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Workshops – Jazoon Techdays

Last chance to buy a ticket for our fantastic workshops: . #angular #reactjs #rxjs @redux

  • The topics of the workshops at Jazoon Spring 2017 will be Angular  and RxJS.
  • Angular  is a revolutionary development platform for creating applications using modern web standards and powered by the Open Source Community following the success of AngularJS.
  • RxJS or Reactive Extensions for JavaScript is a library for transforming, composing, and querying streams of data.
  • It’s become popular by it’s usage in Angular 2 and React.

Because we want you to have the best learning experience we decided to offer full day workshops on Thursday 27. April, the day before the conference. All of our workshop organizers are experts in their field – some of them are even authors of the frameworks they present.
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Voxxed Days Singapore – Welcome to Voxxed Days Singapore

  • For those who couldn’t make it to Voxxed Days Singapore, you will be able to watch how NICE it was to be there.
  • Add to My Calendar 2017-06-02 08:00:00 2017-06-02 18:00:00 Asia/Singapore Voxxed Days Singapore The international conference for developers, Voxxed Days, will take place for the 1st time in Asia on June 2nd, 2017, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
  • Voxxed Days is a conference made by developers for developers.
  • As with Devoxx, a spirit of openness, community, killer content and low priced tickets underpin the Voxxed Days philosphy.
  • We’ll welcome fantastic speakers and profesionnals for this unforgettable day.

The international conference for developers, Voxxed Days, will take place for the 1st time in Asia on June 2nd, 2017, at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. We’ll welcome fantastic speakers and professionals for this unforgettable day. As with Devoxx, a spirit of openness, community, killer content and low priced tickets underpin the Voxxed Days philosphy.
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Volunteer — LibertyJS

We can't do it alone!   #javascript #philly #nodejs #angularjs #reactjs

  • ©2016 LibertyJS. Made with love in Philadelphia
  • Want to be part of the best JS conference in Philadelphia?!
  • We’re aiming for 3- 4 hour shifts if we get enough people.
  • Our best attempt for you to attend the sessions you want to participate in. You’ll be able to choose the where and when for you volunteer hours.
  • We’ll invite you to the chatroom sometime prior to event day.

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@liberty_js: “We can’t do it alone! #javascript #philly #nodejs #angularjs #reactjs”


Volunteer — LibertyJS