React Native animations revisited — Part I – Blog @

#ReactJS Native animations revisited — Part I:  by @michal_chudziak #JavaScript

  • The function takes one argument which is config object.
  • { duration: 700 , create: { type: ‘linear’, property: ‘opacity’, }, update: { type: ‘spring’, springDamping: 0.4 , property: ‘scaleXY’, }, delete: { type: ‘linear’, property: ‘opacity’, }, }
  • You customize things like duration, or differences between create and update animations within your config object.
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  • It allows us to customize duration, and behaviour of create, update, and delete animations.

Almost every modern app contains dynamic UI elements. When it comes to animating React Native components, platform gives us many useful APIs. Animations are something what can be quite confusing for…
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