Training for Learning React Native · Deco

  • React Native Expert Instructors
  • Get a sneak peek of our educational materials at React Native Express , a popular resource developed by the instructors of this workshop.
  • React Native Contributor, Exponent
  • Devin is co-creator of Deco IDE , author of React Native Express , and contributor to the React Native documentation.
  • React Native Engineer, Netflix

Learn React Native hands-on and in-person from the most active developers in the community. Discover the latest trends and best practices by building practical apps during the workshop that soar above and beyond online resources.
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Next Generation Web Standards, Frameworks, and Techniques

My @QConSF track has so many familiar faces!  #emberjs #rxjs #nodejs #angularjs #reactjs

  • Webpack is JavaScript module bundler that has taken the world by storm, but a lack of great docs and wealth of boilerplates have led to many people using it, but not understand it.
  • Lessons/stories on optimizing the deployment pipeline
  • Learn about the hottest trends and updates in web development.
  • The track will focus on various frameworks, progressive web apps, reactive programming, performance, and the latest browser and JavaScript standards.
  • The track explores the current art of the possible in UX and lessons from early adoption.

JavaScript, HTML5, WASM, and more… innovations targetting the browser
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