Vue vs React: Battle of the Javascript Frameworks

Vue vs React: Battle of the Javacript Frameworks

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  • I’ve created two nearly identical sample applications, one in Vue and one in React, if you’d like to give either framework a shot in the context of the samples in this article.
  • The biggest difference is that React popularized a Virtual DOM (we’ll get into this later) and created a new syntax called JSX that allows developers to write HTML in JavaScript.
  • Unlike earlier JavaScript frameworks that had ‘batteries included,’ both React and Vue are fairly barebones with functionality like routing and state management handled by separate frameworks.
  • Both React and Vue are focused solely on the UI layer, and leave functionality such as routing and state handling to companion frameworks.
  • In Vue there’s no need to call a state management function like , as the data parameter on the Vue object acts as the holder for application data.

React vs Vue.js. Are you in the market for a shiny new JavaScript UI framework? Find out the main similarities & differences between these two popular ones.
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Why I prefer Ember.js over Angular & React.js

Reasons to prefer #EmberJS over #AngularJS & #ReactJS:

  • Fortunately one month ago I got a chance to work with a client who wanted me to develop his project in Ember.
  • I was not much excited as ember was a known guy to me, but started developing the project as it’s a day to day life for me.
  • But after delivering the project I started thinking of my experiences with these three front-end frameworks and probably today publishing this article out of my emotions.
  • If all the teams of your organization (or even someone outside your organization) are developing ember applications using ember-cli; they will be very familiar to the projects architecture and in no time can start contributing at any project.
  • The developers of Ember’s core team are also developers in their own projects and this is the biggest plus of Ember.

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