Release v3.15.0 · gre/gl-react · GitHub

  • and there will be more work done in the future to prepare for this whole new React async rendering idea.
  • Embracing that new React paradigm will likely simplify codebase and making it more powerful.
  • There also will be challenging work to make gl-react compatible with the new Context API idea.
  • The library will continue to embrace React paradigm as close as possible, and will stabilize its purpose of doing various effects over many kind of contents.
  • We already support many kind of contents (image, video, canvas, camera,…) and we’ll continue to add more and more type of textures if we find any missing.

GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects.
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What is MobX? Explain like I am five 👋

  • By beginner, I expect at least to know what global variables, modular architecture and scope are.
  • Since this beginner doesn’t really know what is (thus also what state management is), I’d like to compare MobX to a fancy global variable(s).
  • Some really really novice developers might make it work with global variables and be happy.
  • Then, MobX will do so much more than just keep it accessible to other modules, it can execute some actions (calculations) to them, let your modules know as soon as some property changes, etc.
  • While MobX is just another state management tool, in my opinion it’s the best one to compare to ease of understanding global variables.

Answer (1 out of 2): Imagine mommy is making pancakes for you and your siblings. It’s a birthday party! She will keep bringing pancakes as long as you are hungry and having fun. She will also keep track of how many pancakes you ate and she knows what kind of pancakes you…
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A Solution To The React className Controversy – Burke Knows Words

  • People can be so cruel.Another one of these very difficult and sensitive topics is the use of className instead of class in React.Introducing Simple React Snippets: class to classNameNearly everyone has heard of the world famous Simple React Snippets for VS Code.
  • The set of React Snippets that is so good, Ryan Florence once said…And now, Simple React Snippets is even better because it has solved one of the most contentious, difficult and time consuming tasks in React.
  • We don’t go to bed when it gets dark because we have ELECTRICITY, and we don’t have to use Find and Replace to change class to className because Simple React Snippets will now do it for you.How It worksSimple React Snippets uses a very complicated and advanced algorithm to find any…
  • This will bring up the “React: class to ClassName” command.
  • It feels kind of like I’m inviting myself into your house.In any event, I’ll continue to work on that portion and once I’ve ironed out the edge cases, this generation might be the last to know the pains of having to change class to className.What a time to be alive!Grab…

The tech community is no stranger to controversy. Just the other week I was faced with an extremely awkward and difficult situation when someone I thought was a close friend (who I won’t name…
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crystal-dashboard/ at master · JSLancerTeam/crystal-dashboard · GitHub

綺麗。JSLancerTeam/crystal-dashboard  #dashboard #reactjs #javascript

  • Crystal React Bootstrap Dashboard is a beautiful, multi-purpose admin dashboard which is with React, Redux & Bootstrap.
  • It contains a lot of simple and easy to use React components.
  • You can use this dashboard to build many kind of dashboard include health, employees, company dashboard.

Beautiful React Bootstrap Dashboard for multi-purpose usage.
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Shoutem on React Native featuring Tomislav Tenodi & Davor Culjak

Thank you @dabit3 for inviting us as guests again on @R_N_Radio 😎  #react #reactnative

  • In terms of React Native, what sort of product offerings do you have?
  • Can you talk about your React Native School?
  • So you talk about the process of ejecting out of Shoutem?
  • Nader talks about the e-commerce and Shoutem.
  • Nader talks about building e-commerce app with Shoutem.

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The X factor – EFSBCurious – Medium

The X factor  #politics #react #reactjs

  • The X factorThe X factor : Battle of the starsThe X factor is a music competition to find new singer.
  • Korea has like this TV show.
  • When i stayed in Korea, I often watch that.
  • I like this TV show because i’m interesting and wonder that who’s be winner.Sometimes, there are extremely surprised people more than real singer.The kind of music program should keeping a long time for someone who has a dream to be singer.Dohee Kim South

The X factor is a music competition to find new singer. Korea has like this TV show. The name is K-pop star. When i stayed in Korea, I often watch that. I like this TV show because i’m interesting…
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All You need it’s a kid’s whiteboard, post-its and a lot of effort — Coding in a Weekend

  • So in order to get more knowledge on Javascript language, creating a end to end app, using the power of Node.js, I’ve gathered some guys to do the same with me: learn coding.these are some crazy dudesAnd the consequence was a lot of hour spent learning how to use the tools and technologies, and being able to acquire more knowledge.But, before I show you the final result, I’ll explain how I got this idea.The MotivationDublin/Ireland it’s a awesome place for you(and me) who works as a developer.
  • And also we used, a lot, the whiteboard to make the project clear:alsome design guys hereOnce the project structure was defined, we begun the learning curve.
  • Seen we are not all knowledgeable in React.js we spend some time between the old code, the reactjs documentation on Facebook, and a lot of try/cacht to make sure that everyone has learned a basic knowledge about the code structure.
  • For the project “scrum” and organization we used Github projects, was a awesome way to push our codes and make the changes traceable.And after a very productive day, we generated a good track in our repository, and we could say that we were able to generate two pages with form functionalities, waiting for integration with the database and google maps api.Day 3Firing up the databaseBecause this is just a POC, we didn’t was looking for a full finish app, but something that could use google maps api to autocomplete our fileds and be able to send this informations to firebase would be ok for us.
  • But since we weren’t doing pair programming, and this would be another learning curve, I thought it better not to practice this technique, mainly because we were only 3 dudes.Where is the code?Contribuitors!Thank you a lot guys @Igfasouza and @AndresGrams which spent this weekend with me.I think this weekend was a lot productive and a very good challenge.

I’ve never been that kind of person which learns a lot just reading and studding … I’ve been always that other kind of person, which likes to learn practicing. So in order to get more knowledge on…
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Introducing React Komposer 2 – Hacker Noon

Introducing React Komposer 2: Feed data into #ReactJS components by composing containers

  • I released React Komposer in January as a way to bind data to React UI components.
  • Version 1.x came with a set of utility composers which helps you to use React Komposer with popular data sources.
  • Now you can start using React Komposer 2 and let me know how it works for your app.
  • Even we are not using that prop for data loading.
  • Now with 2.x you could ask React Komposer to watch only a set of props you want.

I released React Komposer in January as a way to bind data to React UI components. It was a universal tool which you could use with any kind of data source, whether it’s a promise, Meteor, redux, Rx…
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CocoaHeadsBE and mobel present: Let’s talk React (Native)

This Wednesday CocoaHeadsBE and mobel present: Let's talk React (Native)! See you there!

  • iOS Developer/Arch-itect @AppFoundryBE.- Passionate about creating software, the architecture..
  • I’m a Freelance iOS Developer / Co-Founder @WeeTaps.
  • I’m an iOS Developer from the Antwerp region.
  • Making apps and games for iOS.
  • Software developer at Kunstmaan, interesting in all things web related and wanted to learn more…

We are happy to announce our next mobel event in a joint venture with CocoaHeads on September 21, 2016 at Belfius in Brussels.
As we started looking for people who could talk about React, we learned C
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Why Redux is not so easy, some alternatives

  • The global state tree is cumbersome to maintain.
  • Since the state tree needs to be immutable, lists also need to be.
  • When there is a user, we can load the lists.
  • Dispatch, also, by idiom/default, does not get access to the state tree.
  • A reducer is responsible for just one branch of the state tree.

Why Redux is not so easy, some alternatives | r/reactjs at
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