Testing new #reactjs based #browser #vivaldi

Testing new #reactjs based #browser #vivaldi

  • The world is a colorful place because we are all different and unique.
  • We at Vivaldi believe in making software that lets you do things your way.
  • With Vivaldi you can customize the browser the way you want.
  • Or, a different location for the address bar?
  • Whether it’s your keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, appearance or a modification to address color blindness, Vivaldi gives you the tools.

Vivaldi is a free, fast web browser designed for power-users. You decide how you browse. Download Vivaldi’s fully customisable browser now and browse your way.
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Keybindings in React.js – squat:, bench:, code: – Medium

Keybindings in React.js  #react #flatironschool #tech #javascript #coding #reactjs

  • They are a great resource, but pick and choose wisely so that your project can continue to grow.After playing around with different options, I ultimately used vanilla javascript and event listeners for the keyboard shortcuts.
  • In app.js I wrote a handleKeyDown method:handleKeyDown(e) { if (e.ctrlKey e.which === 87) { this.props.toggleWebcamModal() } else if (e.ctrlKey e.which === 83) { this.props.openSaveModal() } else if (e.ctrlKey e.shiftKey e.which === 68) { this.handleClear() }}The numbers are unicode key values that are particular to a keyDown event.
  • Check out the link that I reference at the end: it lays out the different key code values for keyDown functions.
  • To set the event listener to listen for my keyDown commands, I used the lifecycle event, componentWillMount in app.js so that the listener begins to do it’s job right before the component mounts.
  • It is dispatched through the addons reducer and React rerenders app state as an empty array.I also created a tooltip that, on hover over the keyboard icon at the top of the screen, shows a menu of keyboard shortcuts!Deciding on a course of action with all of my options was the most time- consuming part of implementing the keybindings.

I am now a graduate of the Flatiron School! Check out https://o-lio.herokuapp.com/ to view my final project! To create Olio — defined as a miscellaneous collection of things — we created a Rails API…
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Develop React Native iOS apps on Linux – Santiago de León – Medium

Develop React Native #iOS apps on Linux:  #ReactJS #JavaScript

  • Develop React Native iOS apps on LinuxYes, you need a Mac to do any kind of iOS development but that doesn’t mean that you have to write the code in the Mac.
  • You can test this by starting any web server on your dev machine, binding it to that port and trying to reach http://DEV_MACHINE_IP:8585 with a web browser in your Mac.
  • So, I did: I fired up the packager in my dev box with react-native start –host –port 8585 (setting the host to is vital, because otherwise your server will only bind to localhost and won’t be accessible from your Mac).
  • I couldn’t find a setting to tell React Native to poll the packager service in a different host:port pair, so I figured that if I wanted it to access the server running in my dev machine, I had to do a TCP tunnel, which is actually quite easy to set up.
  • You’re all set!Make some changes to your React Native code in your dev machine, then hit Cmd+R in your Mac to see the changes.

Yes, you need a Mac to do any kind of iOS development but that doesn’t mean that you have to write the code in the Mac. You can actually write your code in whatever OS/editor combo you prefer and use…
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