Getting Started With React Programming

Getting Started With #ReactProgramming by @KumarPraveen179 cc @CsharpCorner  #Reactjs

  • You should know the basic concepts of JavaScript like – – – Basically, it is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
  • We can say that it’s a new type of JS library, offering a new approach to build/update a View.
  • It creates a virtual DOM to track the changes when the application state is updated and uses the virtual DOM to update only those parts of a page which have been changed.
  • It was first deployed on Facebook’s Newsfeed in 2011 and after that, on – – Where To Use React – – As we discussed above, it’s a JavaScript library so, it is possible to use React everywhere where JavaScript code can be executed.
  • In the upcoming article, I will explain more about virtual DOM using programming example along with the graphical view.

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is developed by Facebook to facilitate the building with the interactive, stateful and reusable UI components.
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10 Amazing Apps that are Built using React Native

10 amazing #mobileapps that are built using #ReactNative.

  • Before team Bloomberg adopted React Native for their mobile app development, they had to spend significant time in developing and updating the versions of iOS and Android app individually.
  • Although React Native covers a small part of this app, it adds a significant experience for the users in terms of UI and UX.
  • Their iOS and Android apps share 98% of the code, which is an amazing example of how React Native can help in cross-platform app development.
  • The examples shared above elucidates that React Native has got potential for mobile app development, with any scale, any idea, with any type of content.
  • If you too have an app idea that this amazing technology can do justice to, check out more about our React Native development services.

React Native use modern web techniques for mobile app development. Here is a list of 10 amazing apps that are built using React Native technology.
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Facebook Announces More Performant Version of React Framework

Facebook Announces More Performant Version of #React Framework 


  • At F8 —Facebook’s annual developer conference — the company’s engineers took to the breakout stages to discuss the newest versions of the React and Relay frameworks, both of which were rewritten from the ground up to deliver significantly better performance to the applications that are written with them.
  • In some cases, that means better performance for certain features of certain applications since developers can selectively apply the framework capabilities to some parts of their apps, and not others.
  • Occhino gave examples such as jank — a well-known term to developers that describes the jittery look of applications during user initiated operations such as page scrolling where, as opposed to a naturally fluid feeling, a page seems to stutter as it’s scrolled.
  • Another example Occhino discussed is when the user attempts to do something with their application and they get a pinwheel or some other indication that the system is busy with other tasks.
  • According to Occhino, given this set of circumstances, one way to naturally improve the perceived performance of a React app is to reprioritize tasks in a way that the experience that’s right in front of the end-user gets the highest priority in terms of system resources like CPU.

At F8 — Facebook’s annual developer conference — the company’s engineers announced a new version of React with a core designed to optimize the performance of applications that are written with the framework. The new core, React Fiber, is better at scheduling tasks based on what the user is doing.
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Best Javascript Frameworks: React, Redux, MobX, Vue

Best #Javascript frameworks: #ReactJS, #Redux, #MobX, #VueJS

  • You can use React alone for smaller projects, but larger projects need a framework to handle your application’s structure.
  • If you asked me which Javascript framework is the “best” framework, I would say Vue.
  • Just like Redux, MobX can be used with most Javascript frameworks, but it’s most commonly used with React.
  • You don’t need frameworks until your application’s codebase grows and becomes unmanageable.
  • If you’re new to Javascript frameworks, I would not recommend MobX because it doesn’t enforce a good application structure.

I often get asked “which Javascript framework should I use?” My answer is usually “it depends, but probably React.” jQuery jQuery is a Javascript library…
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A to V ; a walk through of js frameworks – Michelle L. Pepe – Medium

  • Most frameworks are created by hobbyist; whereas Angular is created by Google.
  • One of the biggest issues with JavaScript frameworks is that they are not exactly search engine friendly.
  • Ember basically recreated the best parts of Ruby objects, and then built the rest of the framework on top of them.
  • React doesn’t use Shadow DOM – instead it gives you the ability to create your own components.
  • Famous sites are Google, Virgin America, and HBO’s mobile site for iPad.

The supply of revolutionary js frame works such Angular, React and Vue fueled the demand of rapid app development in the past couple years. Google’s Angular.js allows developers to create fast…
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Does Angular 2 Surpass React?

Does #Angular2 Surpass #ReactJS?

  • Just simply include the library and use its functions .
  • The whole framework is re-written in TypeScript.
  • TypeScript can easily track the bugs in your code.
  • TypeScript ensures the safer code.
  • Dependency Injection works when you need to import any dependency in your application.

Now, we all know that Angular 2 has redirected the web development. The whole framework is re-written in TypeScript. So, now let’s look at the real differences.
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Learning React Native – O’Reilly Media

  • Examine how the framework uses native components analogous to HTML elements
  • Create and style your own React Native components and applications
  • oreilly Learning React Native
  • Chapter 10 Deploying to the iOS App Store
  • Chapter 2 Working with React Native

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Get a practical introduction to React Native, the JavaScript framework for writing and deploying fully featured mobile apps that look and feel native. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn how to build applications that target iOS, Android,…

Learning React Native – O’Reilly Media