5 Reasons Why You Should Use React Native For Your Next App Idea

5 reasons why you should use React Native for your next app idea  #ReactNative

  • But then I saw that the React team was working on framework called React Native that would work on both iOS & Android (despite the Android version coming out much later)…GAMECHANGER.
  • Neither the React Native code for iOS or Android was available yet but just the fact that a large team like the Facebook Dev group was working on a solution like this got me excited enough to start all my new web projects in React.
  • In the past when other javascript frameworks (Meteor, Ionic etc.) tried to build tools to compete with native development they simply used Cordova to make javascript look like native Swift or Java code when in reality they were super wonky.
  • I just mention Live Reload first because when switching between React Native and Swift and/or Java…or Objective-C, it is the first thing you notice in speed of development.
  • While you certainly won’t just be copying the same code you wrote from the web application and pasting it into the iOS and Android version expecting it to work, there are a lot of reusable modules between platforms.

tldr; I’m a React “fanboy”. A few years ago, I came across two brand new javascript frameworks in Meteor and React. At first glance after comparing the two I di
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