Ionic vs React Native: Which One is Better?

Ionic vs React Native: Which One is Better?
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  • The top two hybrid and native program creation frameworks are Ionic React Native respectively.
  • Among the greatest advantages of the React Native, Ionic, and other similar frameworks (for example, Xamarin) is the availability of such useful capacities as: – – – – The ability to make a developer’s working routine significantly more convenient.
  • However, one of the most recent innovations and advantages of the Ionic framework was the development of the so-called Ionic Native – a set of Cordova plugin TypeScript wrappers that smoothes the functioning of native elements and makes them launch change detection in Angular.
  • Read also: TOP 7 JavaScript Libraries That Worth Your Attention – – – – Ionic vs React Native – First and foremost, the differences between Ionic and RN lie in the fact that they propose dissimilar approaches towards the application development.
  • Unlike the Ionic framework, React Native lets you build a mobile application with the standard UI blocks.

In this article, we provide you with a quick overview of the React Native comparison with Ionic. Find here our personal verdict as for which platform to choose. Just keep in mind, that both platforms have numerous advantages to please you.
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Continuous Integration for React Native

#Continuousintegration for #ReactNative - match made in heaven! 🛠📱

  • This guide is for you if… – – We will show you how to setup Continuous Integration for React Native builds in just a few clicks using Nevercode.
  • When the scanning completes you’ll be presented with three options: – – The Project selection here means a directory in your repository where your React Native configuration file is stored.
  • Nevercode installs the dependencies listed out in your project’s file automatically using Yarn package manager right after your repository is cloned for building.
  • Signing React Native applications in Nevercode is done just like it is with native Android and iOS applications.
  • With support for React Native, iOS, Android, Cordova and Ionic, Nevercode is truly a mobile developer’s choice to release defect-free mobile apps faster.

One tool to build them all
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Building An E-commerce Search App with React Native 🔰

  • Unlike Cordova/Ionic/Phonegap that also lets you build mobile apps using JavaScript with WebViews, React Native compiles entirely to a native app and also allows writing native (Swift, Objective-C, Android) code when required.
  • Basic Concepts 👩â€�ğŸ�“Let’s start by briefly discussing how React Native works and how the JavaScript code actually translates into a kickass native mobile app.
  • That’s why, we, at Appbase, have built some open-source tools to help you do all these things with the matter of some clicks 😉 – Tool to add data into Elasticsearch — Importer 🗃Tool to view Elasticsearch data like an excel sheet — Data Browser 👀Tool to generate relevant Elasticsearch queries — Query Builder 🔨In this…
  • The credentials of the above app which we will be using in this tutorial are: – { – app: “good-books-ds”, – credentials: type: “good-books-ds” – }Say hello 👋 to Reactivesearch ğŸ”�We will be using ReactiveSearch, an open-source React and React Native UI components library for Elasticsearch that I am a…
  • Wait, why do I need ReactiveSearch now?ReactiveSearch simplifies the entire process of connecting to an Elasticsearch index, making queries, fetching and rendering results in sleek UI, not just that, it also lets you make your components talk to each other, i.e. if Component-A gets updated, Component-B gets to know and…

We will go over the process of building a starter e-commerce mobile app for searching through a books datastore using React native.
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Deploy React to GitHub-Pages to create an amazing website!

  • Why React and GitHub-Pages:When I was doing my research about different in-demand web technologies I stumbled upon a number of amazing names like VueJS, GraphQL, p5.js and a lot more.
  • Node.js and npm:Node.js is a server runtime environment for running Javascript on the server and npm is a package manager used to download and install different packages for JavaScript projects.
  • In the next step I created a new React app called “website” using the command below.
  • The next step was to convert the local react project to a git repository.
  • The last step now was to deploy the application using the following command: – #deploy application – $ npm run deploysuccessful after the deployment, a second “gh-pages” branch is created which contains the static code for the React app for the website.

My name is Gurjot and I recently graduated from Seneca College. I think a lot of recent graduates would relate to this when I say that “I am nervously excited about my future”. During the college…
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Using Bootstrap 4 with React • techiediaries

  • Bootstrap 4 is the most popular CSS framework for building responsive layouts with many new features such as the support for Flexbox and a new Card component.
  • Bootstrap 4 depends on both jQuery and Popper.js but using jQuery with React is not recommended since jQuery uses direct DOM manipulation.
  • If you need to add to add Bootstrap 4 styling to your React app the community has created some packages for making it possibly to use Bootstrap 4 without jQuery but still be able to use the complete features and components of BS 4.
  • In this tutorial we’ll see how to use Reactstrap – – So head back to your terminal and navigate inside your React project the run the following command to install bootstrap and reactstrap – – We need to install bootstrap because reactstrap requires the Bootstrap 4 CSS files – -…
  • Open then add the following example: – – If are unable to import the Bootstrap CSS file inside your React app you can check this StackOverflow solution

In this tutorial we’ll see how to integrate Bootstrap 4 with a React application without using jQuery
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What Makes React Native the Future of Hybrid App Development?

What Makes #reactnative the #future of Hybrid App Development?  #appdevelopment #hybrid

  • Presently, numbers of mobile app developers have started using React Native to develop mobile apps.
  • When a mobile app developer starts developing apps using specific platform and programming language such as Java for Android or Swift/Objective-C for iOS, the application is known as a native.
  • React Native is an efficient tool from Facebook to benefits developing a hybrid app for Android and iOS.
  • Furthermore, they can also use their code written in any platform which becomes highly beneficial for mobile app developers to focus on other things rather than writing the same code each time when developing a new app.
  • Reusability of code, highly portable, focused UI, compatibility for third party app integration as well as enhance the efficiency of developers has made react native popular for Hybrid app development.

React Native is popularly used for hybrid app development due to its number of benefits. Check out why it is good for your next hybrid app development project.
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Why Build Mobile Apps With React Native? Is ReactJS Development Any Good?

Why Build Mobile #apps With React Native? Is #reactjs #development Any Good? Know Here -->

  • Just how do you choose between native and hybrid app development?
  • Both uses two sets of codes and although they are similar to a certain extent, it doesn’t reduce the time of development.In came hybrid app development where a single code could be used on both platforms.
  • So, hybrid apps started to lose out on user feel and the beam again started shifting to native ones.React Native Mobile AppsReact Native employs JSX, an extension of JavaScript which is a blend of both HTML and Java.
  • ReactJS development keeps the underlying framework same and eliminates the necessity of learning two separate languages.Plus, any web developer and shift to app development if it’s React Native.
  • So, the apps build with this are incorporates the agility of native apps along with the speed and functionality.And if you already have a hybrid app running, you can simply apply these React Native components to bring the best out.

The debate among app developers to take a side and to try to prove which is better has been going on for too long now. Just how do you choose between native and hybrid app development? While native…
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