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  • Cosmic JS vs. WordPressCosmic JS vs. WordPress for Content ManagementCosmic JS is an API-first CMS that helps teams of developers and content editors build apps faster.
  • Wondering what makes Cosmic JS a more suitable CMS backend for you?Cosmic JS offers an intuitive API that can deliver content to any website or application.
  • Cosmic JS is more productiveInstalled content management systems create ongoing technical debt which becomes tomorrow’s problem.
  • Cosmic JS is an API-first content management platform so we take care of maintenance, security and scalability for you.Content stored in Cosmic JS and delivered by the API is protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • You can also restrict access to your content by adding optional access tokens located in the Settings tab in your Cosmic JS Bucket.ConclusionLegacy content management systems are not equipped to handle the speed of modern business.

Cosmic JS is an API-first CMS that helps teams of developers and content editors build apps faster. 64.5% of developers surveyed on StackOverflow stated that WordPress was one of their most dreaded…
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Best JavaScript Frameworks: Vue.js, Angular and React.js

Best #JavaScript #Frameworks: #VueJS #Angular and #ReactJS

  • A couple of years ago, working at ThoughtWorks, I got the chance to build my first app with a JavaScript framework, it was Angularjs.
  • We are witnessing great changes in the JavaScript frameworks, most of all, these frameworks work as a skeleton for your SPAs, allowing you to focus in more complex tasks.
  • The most popular frameworks as of June 2017 are: Vue.js, Angular and React.js.
  • Angular is built with TypeScript, a superset to JavaScript, which makes it attractive to everyone even to big enterprises.
  • All of the JavaScript frameworks have a great performance, the difference is very small.

Best JavaScript Frameworks in 2017, benefits of using them and differences between the most popular frameworks: Vue.js, Angular and React.js
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