Interview of @matheusml about #redux zero, a light state management solution for #reactjs

  • Redux Zero is a library which offers a simple way to handle state in modern applications.
  • With Redux Zero your component can focus 100% on the UI and just call the actions to update the state: – – Last but not least, plug the whole thing in your index file: – – Redux is great, but in some cases, it’s way too much.
  • With Redux Zero you just have a store and some actions.
  • One of our developers here at Concrete, Miguel Albernaz, was using this gist as a state management solution instead of Redux.
  • Redux Zero is one of the lightest state management solutions I’ve seen so far.

Although using Redux is straight-forward once you understand the approach and its nuances, after a while it gets repetitive. It’s easy to end up with a lot of “boilerplate” code that wires all the logic together. For this reason, multiple solutions addressing the issue have appeared.
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