ReactJS Seed Application: Why Not Start with the Real Deal?

#ReactJS seed application: Why not start with the real deal?

  • Looking at the most common React seed applications you will see that they have, for each component, a custom folder and they group them all as components.
  • Everyone knows if you google for “React seed application” or “React boilerplate” you will find tons of prebuilt seed applications out there, some of which are being used by thousands of people.
  • Selecting Browserify as our initial stack is a very good example of why a seed application can be useful.
  • After looking at these, we found that though a lot of them offered unique and interesting concepts, none of them seemed very scalable to us for use in large web applications.
  • For one, a seed application allowed us to try out different libraries and project structures without the restriction of a particular use case.

Hyperwallet’s Software Development Team Lead looks into tools for building their final browser version in ReactJS.
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Redux, Immutability, and Higher Order Components

Redux, immutability, and higher order components:  #ReactJS

  • A higher order component is exactly what it sounds like — it is the React component equivalent of a higher order function.
  • In React, a higher order component is a function that accepts a component and returns an enhanced component with superhero abilities.
  • A simple example of a higher order function in Haskell that takes a function and applies it twice to something.
  • , connect() is, through mapDispatchToProps() , subscribing the TodoList component to a change handler that will toggle a todo when the todo is clicked.
  • Well, arguably, one of the key concepts when using Redux with React lies in a higher order component: connect() .

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@ReactiveConf: “Redux, immutability, and higher order components: #ReactJS”

As I wrote in a previous blog post, immutability is an important concept that can bring many benefits to development. In fact, it’s been embraced by javascript land, most notably by the ultra-popular framework, Redux.

Redux, Immutability, and Higher Order Components