Getting Started #

Getting Started  #reactnative

  • Click “Apply” to download and install the Android SDK and related build tools.
  • Android Studio installs the most recent Android SDK by default.
  • 1. Download and install Android Studio #
  • react – native init AwesomeProject cd AwesomeProject react – native run – android
  • If you’ve already installed Android Studio before, you can still install HAXM without performing a custom installation.

Welcome to React Native! This page will help you install React Native on
your system, so that you can build apps with it right away. If you already
have React Native installed, you can skip ahead to the
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Getting Started with React Native and Flow – React Native Training – Medium

Getting Started with React Native and Flow 📱👌 #javascript #react #reactnative #flowtype

  • Using the Flow server For a large project, you probably only want Flow to recheck files incrementally when they change.
  • To get started, we first need to make sure we either have flow set up in our project at node_modules/bin/flow (as we have already done above) or installed globally.
  • To stop the server, we can run node_modules/.bin/flow stop to stop the server.
  • In our project, we start the server by running node_modules/.bin/flow , which we’ve saved as an npm script npm run flow .

Flow allows us to easily add static type checking to our JavaScript. Flow will help you prevent bugs and allow for better code documentation among other things. A lot of the React Native…
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Exponent SDK v11.0.0 is now available

  • Update the Exponent app on your phones from the App Store / Play Store.
  • Pass over the list of Breaking Changes above to see if your app is impacted, and fix them if so.
  • Comes pre-installed in the tabs template – painless unit and snapshot testing for your Exponent app.
  • The listener receives the initial notification (if there is one) on the next tick (so it doesn’t block the initial app render) and will continue to receive other notifications that arrive while the app is open.
  • The feature did not land in the initial release of SDK11 on Friday, November 4, 2016, but an update has been re-submitted to the App Store to include it.

SDK 11 is awesome. I really like it. Once you read this post you will
understand why, and probably also like it.
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