Taking Gatsby for a spin

Taking Gatsby for a spin  #webdev #javascript #reactjs #Flexi_IT

  • It’s not that I really need a new tool to create static sites, it’s just that every developer tweeting about Gatsby seems to think it’s the most exciting thing on the web since they learned they could combine the and tag.
  • Here are some of the important features of Gatsby: – – GatsbyJS is based on React which means that you’ll be writing almost everything in JavaScript / JSX.
  • If you already like React, you’ll most definitely enjoy creating static sites with Gatsby.
  • Gatsby comes with plugins to pull in data from several APIs, CMS systems and local files.
  • PRPL + the gatsby offline plugin mean that your site will be considered a PWA, will load insanely fast on any device and scores great in Google lighthouse.

A short write-up on Gatsby, a static site generator based on React
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ES6 Javascript Essentials (With Exercise Files) Coupon Save 45 %

ES6 Javascript Essentials (With Exercise Files)


  • There are two main factors that make this course different than other courses out there going over the same topic.
  • There is a lot to learn in this course so I am excited to get started!
  • The course is divided up into three main sections.
  • In the course, I make sure we dedicate more time to certain topics where it is necessary.
  • I want the course to make you an overall better developer.

Coupon 100 10 15 75 A step-by-step tutorial on whats new in ES6 with exercise files.
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