eBay Europe Technology #ebaytechtalk (Berlin, Deutschland)

  • Building a new web app on a green field is every developer’s dream.
  • Patrick shares the story of his own green field project, the relaunch of the online community MOTOR-TALK.
  • You’ll take away hands-on advice from real-world experience, to help you make your own code a little better every day, too!
  • Bio: Patrick Hund, lead frontend developer at mobile.de Patrick helps React and Node.js conquer the tech stack at eBay in Berlin.
  • Notable projects include relaunching the homepage of eBay’s car trading platform mobile.de in 2015 and the ongoing rewrite of eBay’s automotive online community MOTOR-TALK.

Product & development meetups coordinated across eBay’s European offices in London and Berlin. We want to support tech innovation in our communities. We also want great people to join our teams and ge
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Node.JS Open Source for the Past Year (v.2018) – Mybridge for Professionals

  • 25 Amazing Open Source Node.js Projects for the Past Year (v.2018)For the past year, we’ve compared nearly 4,700 Node.js open source projects to pick Top 25 (0.5% chance).
  • This is an extremely competitive list and it picks the best open source Node.js projects published between Jan and Dec, 2017.
  • To give you an idea about the quality, the average number of Github stars is 4,078 ⭐️React.js Open Source of the Year (avg.
  • You can learn by reading the source code and build something on top of the existing projects.
  • Give a plenty of time to play around with Node.js open source projects you may have missed for the past year.

For the past year, we’ve compared nearly 4,700 Node.js open sour ce projects to pick Top 25 (0.9% chance).
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With styled-components into the future – 💅 styled-components – Medium

With styled-components into the future  #styledcomponents #react #cssinjs #css #reactjs

  • Those remain the same and intact.While this sounds like no more can be achieved from a library that was mostly about best practices and common patterns in CSS, we are still in a position to drive change in the community.And this is because of the ecosystem that people have created…
  • Even more so with our new docs that we’ve published a few months ago.But the real question is, what makes it the library you know and love?There’s a lot of great content and talks from both Max and Glen, so if you’re new to what the ideas of the library are,…
  • [1]Then we have to transform the CSS to be able to inject it [2], and finally inject your CSS into the stylesheet, at the position that we’ve marked earlier.In v2 and onwards we’ve focused a lot on optimising all of the different steps involved here for performance, but one step…
  • The idea that becomes increasingly important here is, that we can’t build a library that works for some special use cases, but what we can build is a CSS infrastructure that allows you to change the CSS yourself.Let’s see how we could approach this.The interesting thing is that with v1…
  • We can run our transformations during Babel’s transpilation, or during build-time in general.We can build a CSS-in-JS pipeline!This would result in nothing being shipped to the runtime, and as long as we can provide an “opt-in” system, you would still be able to decide whether you’d like to ship the…

styled-components has changed a lot in its past. And we are not even done yet!
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Are you ready? – Callstack Engineers

Are you ready?  #reactnativeconference #reactnative #react #reactjs

  • We keep receiving questions regarding last-minute passes.
  • Looking at the conference scene this year, I am sure we have one of the best lineups out there.
  • If you haven’t decided yet — ask me on Twitter and I’ll make you want to go here!Of course, there will be panelNo conference can be done without having a QA panel with the team, right?
  • Prepare questions, it’s an open QA and we don’t have any time restrictions.Get ready for the partyOne of the selling points of the conference is that attendees will get to know how the famous Polish party looks like.
  • What a perfect time to socialise after first day of the conference, right?

It’s less than a week to React Native EU first edition. I am really excited that we are all going to see each other next week! We are working hard to make your stay in Poland best time in your life…
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Iterators Using ES6 – Felipe Valdivia – Medium

  • However, as is often the case when a task occurs frequently, JavaScript now provides methods that simplify this task.These methods, called iterators, are called on arrays and complete such tasks as altering each element and selecting elements that fit certain criteria.So in this article you are going to learn how to use some of this iterator.
  • forEach()” will execute the same code on each element of an array.forEach() ExampleThis iterator will execute the same code on each element of an array, so in the example above we are going to go over each element in our array and print it on the console, the argument that you can see in parenthesis doesn’t matter in this case we are using “fruitItem” because is a good practice to have descriptives names.
  • map() iterator but in this case we are creating a new array with the result, so we need to create the variable and inside the block have the condition, that in this case we are going to create a new array with all the numbers divided by 100.
  • filter() exampleIn this example you can see how with filter we go over all the items but we just return the ones that are shorter than 6 characters creating a new array just with these data that is already filter for our condition.ConclusionYes I know this article is short but I present to you 3 different types of iterator using javascript with this you can start playing with them creating projects just to get familiar with them.I can give you some research task that you can do, look for this 3 other that they are pretty common and learn how to use them, I hope you can start a project with this information or solve different problems.so briefly we can say:.
  • filter() checks every element in an array to see if it meets certain criteria and returns a new array with the elements that return truthy for the criteria.You can visit the Mozilla Developer Network to learn more about iterator methods (and all other parts of JavaScript!)

Hello guys this is my second article here about front end and this time I am going to be talking about the different iterators that we have in EcmaScript6. The idea of this post is just show you some…
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#StackBounty: #javascript #css #reactjs Update Redux prop/state following div onclick – TechUtils.in

#StackBounty: #javascript #css #reactjs Update Redux prop/state following div onclick

  • Table 2 displays data relevant to the clicked row in table 1.
  • The idea for the solution: “change margin-right” according to conditions which show whether the scroll exits or not.Save the result of this condition into Redux prop:

    element.scrollHeight > element.clientHeight || element.scrollWidth >


    The problem: Trying to update the display/non-display of the scroll into redux prop from different React events such as componentDidMount, (set state causes infinte loop here) and from the click event.Tried to use forceUpdate() after setting props into Redux as well.

  • When console.log into the console in chrome (F12), the only result which is correlated correctly to the display/non display of the scrollbar is coming from within the componentDidUpdate and it doesn’t reflect in the redux prop (isoverflown function returns true, redux this.props.scrollStatus and this.state.scrollStatus are false).
  • Also don’t like the usage of document.getElementById for the div which contains the rows, because it breaks the manipulation of the dom from within the props and state,but didn’t find a different solution for now.
  • The F12 console when display the scroll bar:

    The F12 console when no scroll bar is displayed:


I have a table – let’s call it table 1. When clicking on a row in table 1 another table is being displayed, let’s call this one table 2. Table 2 displays data relevant to the clicked row in table 1. Sometimes a vertical scroll needs to be displayed in table 2 and sometimes not -depends on the number of rows.Need to solve: there is an unwanted transition of the border when the scroll is not being displayed:
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It’s Real! – codingirl – Medium

It’s Real!  #react #reactnative #reactjs #reactjs

  • Thanks to Stephen Grider’s Udemy courses “The Complete React native and Redux Course”, I am finally getting the hang of the idea’s and syntax behind React.8/4: I used CRNA (Create React Native) via Expo XDE.
  • My code editor of choice is Atom, with a Nuclide packager, and a linter called ESLint, which gives me a little nudge when I make careless syntax mistakes.Today I spent my time editing the App.js file, which is the main JS file holding the “meat” of the app.
  • Expo does that for me :)I also edited a header.js file.
  • I created an ‘src’ folder, which will hold all of the JS files I will be creating and editing.
  • The src folder also holds a ‘components’ folder, which has JS files holding the code for certain components.ComponentsOnly 1 component per file!Component nesting: Pretty self explanatory… 1 component inside anotherProps (Properties)Make components reusable throughout the appData it holds is easily flexibleFlexboxWay to position elementsjustifyContent = Up/down positioning→ flex-end = bottom→ flex-start = topalignItems = Left/right positioning→ flex-start = left→ center = center→ flex-end = rightMisc.Self closing JSX syntax = Name /NPM module = import name easily (all paths are unique)Self-made module = write path of moduleApp = root (parent) // Header = child component under the parentBelow is the file structure:

The birth of “THE APP” (Official name TBD) . After over five failed attempts, either through setup because of mistakes either from downloading libraries or misplacing directories… it is finally here…
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All You need it’s a kid’s whiteboard, post-its and a lot of effort — Coding in a Weekend

  • So in order to get more knowledge on Javascript language, creating a end to end app, using the power of Node.js, I’ve gathered some guys to do the same with me: learn coding.these are some crazy dudesAnd the consequence was a lot of hour spent learning how to use the tools and technologies, and being able to acquire more knowledge.But, before I show you the final result, I’ll explain how I got this idea.The MotivationDublin/Ireland it’s a awesome place for you(and me) who works as a developer.
  • And also we used, a lot, the whiteboard to make the project clear:alsome design guys hereOnce the project structure was defined, we begun the learning curve.
  • Seen we are not all knowledgeable in React.js we spend some time between the old code, the reactjs documentation on Facebook, and a lot of try/cacht to make sure that everyone has learned a basic knowledge about the code structure.
  • For the project “scrum” and organization we used Github projects, was a awesome way to push our codes and make the changes traceable.And after a very productive day, we generated a good track in our repository, and we could say that we were able to generate two pages with form functionalities, waiting for integration with the database and google maps api.Day 3Firing up the databaseBecause this is just a POC, we didn’t was looking for a full finish app, but something that could use google maps api to autocomplete our fileds and be able to send this informations to firebase would be ok for us.
  • But since we weren’t doing pair programming, and this would be another learning curve, I thought it better not to practice this technique, mainly because we were only 3 dudes.Where is the code?Contribuitors!Thank you a lot guys @Igfasouza and @AndresGrams which spent this weekend with me.I think this weekend was a lot productive and a very good challenge.

I’ve never been that kind of person which learns a lot just reading and studding … I’ve been always that other kind of person, which likes to learn practicing. So in order to get more knowledge on…
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22 Amazing open source React projects – Mybridge for Professionals

22 Amazing open source React projects

by @Mybridge 

#ReactJS #webdev #developer

  • 22 Amazing open source React projectsThis is a collection of open source apps built with React.JS library.
  • In this observation, we compared nearly 800 popular React projects to pick the top 22.
  • (React Native: 11, React: 11)React is an open source JavaScript library built by Facebook, providing a view for data rendered as HTML.To evaluate the quality, Mybridge AI considers a variety of factors to determine how useful the projects are for programmers.
  • Open source projects can be useful both for beginners to learn from reading the code and for advanced programmers to save time by using the existing code.
  • The aim of this collection is to help you pick a great project right away without having to spend hours of searching.Note that React UI components, boilerplates, tools and frameworks are separated out to make this curation more specific to full-working apps built with React.Updated: 27 February 2017

This is a collection of open source apps built with React.JS library. In this observation, we compared nearly 800 popular React projects to pick the top 22. (React Native: 11, React: 11) To evaluate…
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Open Call for #ReactiveConf Lightning Talks 2017 – Reactive Conference – Medium

Show your talent and become the next #ReactJS star:  #ReactiveConf

  • Open Call for #ReactiveConf Lightning Talks 2017More than thirty speakers from some of the most innovative tech companies made ReactiveConf 2016 the most awesome conference in the world.
  • But the schedule wouldn’t be complete without the amazing, ingenious, and hilarious Lightning Talks, during which we gave an opportunity to ten young developers to present their ideas in super short, 5-minute segments.Do you think you can take the stage and entertain our audience with your genius concept?
  • Great, because we’re opening Lighting Talks submissions for 2017 today!Simply post your idea to gist.github.com with a link to the ReactiveConf website (http://www.reactiveconf.com) and #ReactiveConf hashtag, and tweet about it, asking people to ⭐️ your Gist.The deadline for submissions is June 30 an if your idea makes it to Top 10 by then, your talk will become part of the conference.
  • If you make it to Top 3, even get a free ticket for the event.This year, we’re extending the time limit for each Lightning Talk to 5–10 minutes, so make every second count!

More than thirty speakers from some of the most innovative tech companies made ReactiveConf 2016 the most awesome conference in the world. But the schedule wouldn’t be complete without the amazing…
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