Release 2.6.0 · atlassian/react-beautiful-dnd · GitHub

Drag and drop for mobile web📱with #reactjs just got a lot more beautiful🤘

  • We have really sweated the details to bring you a drag and drop experience that works out of the box which is initiative for users, respects standard touch interactions as much as possible, and looks amazing .
  • These are used to start and manage part of the touch interactions.
  • Styles are applied by default to s to facilitate a better touch device drag and drop experience.
  • Getting dragging working on touch devices is no easy feat.
  • The quality of this release would not have been possible without close examination of how others have already tackled this problem.

react-beautiful-dnd – Beautiful, accessible drag and drop for lists with React.js
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Front-end Developer Survey 2017

  • My first question is what frameworks are people using at work vs for their personal projects.
  • From the poll, it seems that slightly more organizations use Angular over React at work.
  • However, people seem to prefer React over Angular for their personal projects.
  • The survey also showed that most people are happy with their current framework and not wanting to upgrade; but those that did want to upgrade choose React over the alternatives.
  • The data shows that the big driver is Angular with only a mediocre number of projects in React using it.

For the past couple of months, I have been talking to people and asking myself a couple of questions in regard to the state of front-end development today. I figured what better way than to create a survey and see if we can’t make some sense out of the current state of things in the community. We had a amazing number (~890) of people who took a minute out of their day and answered these questions so a huge thank you to those who participated!
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