5 Examples of React Native Applications Build on Open-Source APIs #javascriptEverywhere

5 Examples of #reactnative Applications Build on Open-Source APIs #javascriptEverywhere

  • Unofficial Gitter Application (source code)This unofficial application uses the Gitter API from Github, and was created by the people from Apiko.
  • It uses React Native in combination with Redux and React Navigation, making it a very stable application.
  • Definitely check out their source code if you are working on a (social media) platform using React Native.

Earlier I wrote a Medium post showing 5 projects that were build on top of Open-Source APIs using React. In this post I will continue showing you promising projects that use Open-Source APIs, this…
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Next.Js – JavaScript Mantra – Medium

Next.Js: Is it the next big thing in JavaScript? @arunoda  #JavaScript #Reactjs

  • Just create a few files for pages in your app, and you are done.
  • For example, let’s say you need to create web app with two pages (Home page and About page).
  • It uses the file system as the router for your app.
  • You need to bring additional stuff which is needed for your app.
  • import React from ‘react’ import Header from ‘.

There are too many JS frameworks out there — we all know that.
But still, we see new JS frameworks every day. Next.js may not cure JS Fatigue, but it allows us to build web apps in JavaScript as we…
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