Dow Jones Chartbuilder

Case Study - Dow Jones App Store Platform  #api #apidevelopment #reactjs #javascript #docker

  • The application platform and the first app were launched by ILM after six months.
  • Dow Jones internal developers quickly adapted to the new platform thanks to its efficient design.
  • ILM was praised regarding the platforms novel approach to managing application versions and dependencies.
  • For the chart building application, ILM developers provided design direction and decided on the app architecture.
  • The app received positive reviews and it was used as an example project for developers who were developing an app for the new hosting platform.

Founded in 1882, Dow Jones is a publishing and financial information company, famously known for its publication of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In addition, Dow Jones publishes and produces newspapers, websites, apps, magazines, conferences and more.
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Finally a Simple and Universal Router for React.js

Finally a simple and universal router for #ReactJS:

  • Imagine that you’re building your app with one router and then you have to change it every time the router changes.
  • The solution is called React Router.
  • We’ve built a truly universal React Router for web, and Electron or nw.js apps that we continuously support.
  • Get Guacamole – a free UI kit for Adobe Xd, Photoshop and Sketch.
  • Get access to design tips, videos, opinions and free UI kits

How to keep your UI in sync with the URL in React.js? Instead of searching for the Holy-Grail-solution we’ve built our own router for web, Electron, and nw.js apps.
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Announcing React Native Europe –

  • CTO at, React Native developer.
  • Today, I am really excited to announce React Native Europe – the first conference in the world to focus on anything and everything React Native.
  • Whether you are an experienced React Native developer or just at the beginning of your journey, you will benefit from our great sessions covering various aspects of mobile development.
  • React Native Europe is a two-day conference anything and everything React Native organised by , Mike Grabowski , Nader Dabit and friends.
  • Announcing React Native Europe

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@grabbou: “I am excited to announce React Native Europe – first conference anything and everything #reactnative”

As a core contributor to React Native, my focus was always on better developer experience (rnpm) and helping others (React Native School)…

Announcing React Native Europe –