Why’s React Native so promising?

Why is #ReactNative so promising? Read Valentin's blog post to find out!

  • React Native looks a lot like React: roughly the same syntax, classes, JSX, state, props… but React Native is a framework, which means you have more features than just rendering in React Native.
  • To do that, the Facebook team created a bunch of APIs to interact with the camera, the keyboard, the vibrations… – – One of the big advantages of using React Native is that, while the core app runs in a JavaScript Engine, it uses JSX to render native code.
  • You use classes, ES6, states and the like, with a few notable differences: – – Not much to say here except that Redux, the React developers’ favourite state management library, also works with React Native with absolutely no difference in the way you’ll dev.
  • Here’s an example of a small Menu component: – – This article is not about HOCs; just know they allow a greater flexibility around the way you compose your components and you can use them in React Native.
  • With React Native you can compose your styles and properties, combine them and then have them applied onto your component.

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React Native Effective Patterns – The Poli – Medium

React Native Effective Patterns  #software #mobile #javascript #reactnative #react #reactjs

  • Your views and components should rely on props and callbacks.
  • The idea is simple:Screens and Views are not the same.
  • FavoritesScreen uses that callback to tell the view to navigate to another screen.
  • Keep your callbacks chained togetherEvery time one of your views exposes a callback which may be declared in another part of the app (for example, mapStateToProps), first invoke the actual callback passed on props.
  • This enables you to, for example, Navigate to a screen and also fetch some information to feed the next view.Following the previous example, if FavoritesScreen told FavoritesView to navigate to the FavoriteScreen when selecting a Favorite, Redux would honor that, but also invoke some Redux actions.As you may see, every realm knows how to handle its stuff: Screens know how to navigate, Connected Views know how to handle redux actions and Views are dumb, stateless and rely on their props.5.

I’ve been working with React Native for quite a while now, both professionally and personally, and actually enjoy it. In this article I will describe some patterns I use. Keep in mind that whatever…
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Our Top 10 #development and #design articles with some #reactjs, #angularjs and + inside 👍

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  • In the observation, we compared nearly 550 projects built with Angular 1.x and Angular 2 to pick the top 18…
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