Taking Gatsby for a spin

Taking Gatsby for a spin  #webdev #javascript #reactjs #Flexi_IT

  • It’s not that I really need a new tool to create static sites, it’s just that every developer tweeting about Gatsby seems to think it’s the most exciting thing on the web since they learned they could combine the and tag.
  • Here are some of the important features of Gatsby: – – GatsbyJS is based on React which means that you’ll be writing almost everything in JavaScript / JSX.
  • If you already like React, you’ll most definitely enjoy creating static sites with Gatsby.
  • Gatsby comes with plugins to pull in data from several APIs, CMS systems and local files.
  • PRPL + the gatsby offline plugin mean that your site will be considered a PWA, will load insanely fast on any device and scores great in Google lighthouse.

A short write-up on Gatsby, a static site generator based on React
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The secret to being a top developer is building things! Here’s a list of fun apps to build!

  • Here’s a list of fun apps to build!You can only become a great developer by putting the effort in.
  • Keep it conflict free, use whatever you want!Project #1: Trello CloneTrello clone by Indrek Lasn — Demo LinkWhat you will learn from building a trello clone:RoutingDrag and dropCreating new objects (boards, lists, cards)Handling inputs and validationClient side path: How to use local storage, saving data to the local storage, reading data from the local…
  • What you will learn:Creating users, managing users,Interacting with a database — creating, reading, editing, deleting users.Input validation and how to work with formsProject #3: Cryptocurrency tracker (native mobile app)Github repositoryHAS to be a native app — Swift, Objective-C, React Native, Java, Kotlin allowed.
  • 😊What you will learn:How native apps work.Fetching data from an API.How native layouts work.How to work with mobile simulators.Use this API.
  • Post in comments if you find a better one.In case you’re interested in how this was built, I wrote a tutorial for it.Project #4: Setup your very own webpack config from scratchWell, technically this is not an app but it’s still extremely useful to understand how webpack works under the hood….

You can only become a great developer by putting the effort in. Imagine for a moment — You can’t become fit physically by reading a lot about fitness. You actually need to go to the gym and put the…
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Keybindings in React.js – squat:, bench:, code: – Medium

Keybindings in React.js  #react #flatironschool #tech #javascript #coding #reactjs

  • They are a great resource, but pick and choose wisely so that your project can continue to grow.After playing around with different options, I ultimately used vanilla javascript and event listeners for the keyboard shortcuts.
  • In app.js I wrote a handleKeyDown method:handleKeyDown(e) { if (e.ctrlKey e.which === 87) { this.props.toggleWebcamModal() } else if (e.ctrlKey e.which === 83) { this.props.openSaveModal() } else if (e.ctrlKey e.shiftKey e.which === 68) { this.handleClear() }}The numbers are unicode key values that are particular to a keyDown event.
  • Check out the link that I reference at the end: it lays out the different key code values for keyDown functions.
  • To set the event listener to listen for my keyDown commands, I used the lifecycle event, componentWillMount in app.js so that the listener begins to do it’s job right before the component mounts.
  • It is dispatched through the addons reducer and React rerenders app state as an empty array.I also created a tooltip that, on hover over the keyboard icon at the top of the screen, shows a menu of keyboard shortcuts!Deciding on a course of action with all of my options was the most time- consuming part of implementing the keybindings.

I am now a graduate of the Flatiron School! Check out https://o-lio.herokuapp.com/ to view my final project! To create Olio — defined as a miscellaneous collection of things — we created a Rails API…
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Best Web Development & Programming Blogs for 2017

  • The blogs are more light-hearted and deal with coding more generally.
  • Even though this is a list of web developer blogs, we wanted to include two of our all-time favorite blogs.
  • His blog posts are great for back-end developers who focus on JavaScript and Node.js.
  • The blog has been around since 2005 and still posts fairly frequently to this day.
  • The blogs below are listed in alphabetical order.

There are a ton of great developer blogs out there, so we’ve curated a list of our team’s favorites along with top choices from some members of our community of expert developers.
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Building infinite scroll in React Native

  • As soon as the component starts to mount we want to setup our data store.
  • We should throttle the amount of times setCurrentReadOffset is called.
  • Create another component in the components folder called RobotItem.js .
  • // imports export default class Home extends Component { render() { return (
    Robot Impagination


  • For smaller projects, I like to put my components in a components folder.

The Frontside is an Ember software consultancy based in Austin, TX. We use Ember.js to build dynamic, rich web applications that make people happy.
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FAQ updates · Issue #1785 · reactjs/redux · GitHub

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  • Markerikson opened the Issue May 30, 2016 � 14 comments
  • Another question I see often is how to make a redux module(action creators, reducers, components) that can be reused externally.
  • The React component state can be your store, local to the component, and you implement dispatch yourself by doing state updates via React setState.
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redux – Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
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Blueprint to becoming a React Native Developer

Blueprint to becoming a React Native Developer #Nodejs

  • A transformative moment for me was when I learned Redux – even if I wasn’t using it I was able to reason about how to better build apps.
  • I want to prescribe a plan that will allow you to actually build apps with React Native.
  • ☞ Build Web Apps with React JS and Flux
  • You can get started with Meteor by following the tutorial .
  • A lot of the high level stuff you’ll already know from learning React.

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@nodejs_dev: “Blueprint to becoming a React Native Developer #Nodejs

I’m a big believer in React Native — if you’re reading this you’re likely interested in it as well. The Javascript ecosystem is quickly evolving

Blueprint to becoming a React Native Developer