Articles On- Rise of #ReactJS #Development in 2018 – React JSX

Articles On- Rise of #ReactJS #Development in 2018 - React JSX

  • With React JSX it becomes extremely easy to code UI test cases due to its Virtual DOM system which is implemented in the JSX.
  • Also, with the help of React JSX you can use and reuse components throughout the applications.
  • The implementation of JSX provides a number of advantages through React which make it such a powerful tool for User Interface creation.
  • JSX is one of the unique features of React which is making it so popular.
  • It is evident that using JSX through React does not only provide various advantages but the changeover from other UI development platform like HTML to JSX is extremely easy and convenient.

React.js is what you need to develop mobile apps with awesome UI/UX. Learn React.js development whole process by industry experts to make your dream project.
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Porting enterprise React app to create-react-app – Mihir Karandikar – Medium

  • The short term goal was to see how difficult it is to move the legacy code to CRA; the long term goal being bringing all of our applications under CRA’s fold.The reason for choosing CRA over any other boilerplate is that CRA is truly unopinionated which makes it ideal for porting legacy React applications.
  • Removing all relative imports likeimport * as actions from module-like imports import * as actions from ‘actions/MyActions’And finally write a new build process on our build server since CRA recommends using Yarn.That meant, a decision was to be made!We were debating over ejecting the create-react-app setup Vs. using custom react-scripts.
  • But then I realized that ejecting would make it nearly impossible to keep up with the daily updates of CRA, which meant that custom react scripts was the best way to go.
  • Things were looking good.I’m not going to go in the implementation details of migration, but the purpose of my post is to let others know that it is absolutely possible to port your app to CRA no matter how weird your legacy app setup is.With the power of CRA + custom react scripts, we now TRULY have a zero configuration tool in our tool-belt.
  • From now on, to migrate/create the next app, all we need to do is create-react-app my-app –scripts-version xoxo-react-scriptsand we’re off and running!Things to keep in mindTo my disappointment, CRA does not come with react-hot-loader.

So I’ve been writing React apps for a year now. I’ve had the honor of being one of the maintainers of react-boilerplate. If you’re a React developer, you know how it is- You get the mock-ups, you get…
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📣 Handling complex forms in #reactjs with ease by @ArcEglos – next Tuesday @arangodb

  • Angular’s shift away from direct DOM access, allows for using it to build apps on all sorts of platforms.
  • Desktop apps, fully native mobile apps and even microcontrollers can all be developed for with Angular.
  • In this session, we’ll develop a web app, a fully native mobile app and an IoT-app all based on Angular and a similar code base.
  • You’ll learn how to share code between these platforms and how you should design your architecture to build such robust Angular applications.
  • But mind you, you’ll learn a lot of good practices for your Angular based web development and you’ll gain a deep understanding of the philosophy behind the Angular framework.

This Time it’s all about Angular and React.
Angular is not a web framework! by Julian Steiner
… Angular is a platform! Angular’s shift away from direct D
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React February Meetup

Started working on the

  • Continue with Facebook Continue with Google Continue with Google
  • We are looking for a full-stack developer to join our development team.
  • We are looking for a frontend engineer to join our development team.
  • Tech-Nomad – React / React-Native – Flowtype enthusiast
  • JavaScript Frameworks · Functional Programming · Software Development · JavaScript · Web Technology · Web Development · Computer programming · Front-end Development · ReactJS · React Native · Reactive Programming

This time we are going to have three talks by our local heros Ali, Karl and Patrick. In general talks and discussions are not limited to ReactJS and may include related subjects like Elm, RxJS, Redux,
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Current Openings

  • We need you to join us to scale up our team and build a great company with a product that will be used by thousands in the coming months.
  • Spendesk is a fast growing Fintech startup backed by eFounders and a great opportunity to work in one of the most creative and stimulating environment in Paris.
  • We see a crazy traction and adoption from our first customers who totally love our product.
  • You will be part of a strong family shaping the future of SaaS products.
  • We use the latest innovations in the banking industry to build a software that gives CFOs a complete control over their companyâ s spendings and provides employees with an awesome experience when they need to do professional purchases.

Browse current career opportunities and apply online for jobs at Spendesk
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Announcing React Native Europe –

  • CTO at, React Native developer.
  • Today, I am really excited to announce React Native Europe – the first conference in the world to focus on anything and everything React Native.
  • Whether you are an experienced React Native developer or just at the beginning of your journey, you will benefit from our great sessions covering various aspects of mobile development.
  • React Native Europe is a two-day conference anything and everything React Native organised by , Mike Grabowski , Nader Dabit and friends.
  • Announcing React Native Europe

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@grabbou: “I am excited to announce React Native Europe – first conference anything and everything #reactnative”

As a core contributor to React Native, my focus was always on better developer experience (rnpm) and helping others (React Native School)…

Announcing React Native Europe –

Path to React Native: From Rookie to Rockstar

We've put together a handy guide to help you master React & React Native quickly 🚀

  • We’re now able to build native apps for both iOS and Android platforms using pure JavaScript.
  • Once you’re familiar with the React basics, you’re actually equipped with all the knowledge necessary to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • We’ve been building apps with React and React Native for a while now and have been getting steadily more impressed with the way the ecosystem is developing.
  • Build Apps with React Native on Udemy is an 8-hour introduction to React Native that you can complete without needing any React.js knowledge.
  • Short and focused introductory videos: React Native Fundamentals on egghead.

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@wearehanno: “We’ve put together a handy guide to help you master React & React Native quickly 🚀”

Building a hybrid mobile app seemed like a really big challenge just a few years ago. Unless you wanted to earn a reputation for building half-arsed and sluggish mobile app interfaces, you’d have been better off spending your time and money on proper (native) iOS or Android developers instead.

Path to React Native: From Rookie to Rockstar