Current Openings

  • We need you to join us to scale up our team and build a great company with a product that will be used by thousands in the coming months.
  • Spendesk is a fast growing Fintech startup backed by eFounders and a great opportunity to work in one of the most creative and stimulating environment in Paris.
  • We see a crazy traction and adoption from our first customers who totally love our product.
  • You will be part of a strong family shaping the future of SaaS products.
  • We use the latest innovations in the banking industry to build a software that gives CFOs a complete control over their companyâ s spendings and provides employees with an awesome experience when they need to do professional purchases.

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How Intuit Leverages React & React Native

Woot! #reactjs React Native #SanDiego #meetup is Wed, 8/31 @Intuit -  w/ @geirmanc

  • Unit Testing React Components by Brian Hardy – Principal Software Engineer Target: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Building my first react/redux application.
  • Leveraging React / React-Native @ Intuit by Jay Yu – Distinguished Architect Target: Beginner/Intermediate
  • Safeguard your react applications from being broken inadvertently after modifications.
  • The talk will include: what problems we are solving for, how we pivot and switch the direction to React / React-Native, preliminary results via demos, as well as learnings from our journey so far.

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@SocialAC: “Woot! #reactjs React Native #SanDiego #meetup is Wed, 8/31 @Intuit – w/ @geirmanc”

I'm overwhelmed with the response we had to the latest, relaunch of this meetup. James did a great job. If you missed it, you can watch it on youtube here. We had over 100 RSVPs. Still, I think w

How Intuit Leverages React & React Native