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Why We Use Styled Components:  by @_alanbsmith #JavaScript #ReactJS

  • That’s not what CSS-in-JS is about regardless of the hype.Styled Components Isn’t the Right Choice for Every TeamI’m not saying Styled Components is better than Radium, Aphrodite, Glamor, Glamorous, Emotion, or any of the other CSS-in-JS libraries.
  • BEM, SMACSS, and other CSS patterns provide a lot of great guidelines for managing styles.
  • 🎉)From my experience, building a component library is the best way to keep UI consistent and predictable across applications, and CSS-in-JS has been the best tooling available to build these libs.Why We Chose Styled ComponentsWe ❤️ Styled ComponentsWe were drawn to CSS-in-JS for the reasons mentioned above, but Styled Components…
  • Along with the basic Sass support, there’s also Polished, a small toolset created by Styled Components to provide additional Sass functionality and other helpful tooling.Native Mobile SupportOur team is also in the process of developing a native mobile app with React Native.
  • Those conversations will help establish patterns for best-practices leading us to more consistent and predictable UI.Final ThoughtsStyled Components has been great for our team, and I think it could be really useful for a lot of other teams as well.

Unfortunately Twitter is not ideal for providing context and longer explanation, and I thought this might be a good way to follow up. Given that, a lot of this article describes what led to our…
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React Native and the 9 circles of Hell

Tomorrow! React Native and the 9 circles of Hell!  with @sospedra_r

  • If you’re not excited about React native, I’m sure you know a couple of people who are.
  • It’s on most people’s tongues right now, and that’s why we’ll take a good look on the biggest pitfalls of starting out with it.
  • To guide is through we have Ruben Sospedra, that just came home from Amsterdam React conf with tons of insights and knowledge to share:

    “After a long journey React Native is finally becoming pretty solid and stable.

  • There are multiple top-notch React Native apps that have been in production for a while.
  • I invite you to walk with me through the 9 hardest React Native drawbacks”

    As always we’ll have a good discussion and some cold La Brava’s!

Hey all!
If you’re not excited about React native, I’m sure you know a couple of people who are. It’s on most people’s tongues right now, and that’s why we
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FAQ updates · Issue #1785 · reactjs/redux · GitHub

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  • Another question I see often is how to make a redux module(action creators, reducers, components) that can be reused externally.
  • The React component state can be your store, local to the component, and you implement dispatch yourself by doing state updates via React setState.
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redux – Predictable state container for JavaScript apps
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