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Relax with React  #props #react #components #state #lifecycle #reactjs

  • With JSX, you pass a function as the event handler rather than a string.ComponentsReact is made up of container and presentational components or as Dan Abramov coined it, smart and dumb.
  • Presentational components are concerned with [how things look], receive data and callbacks with exclusively props and rarely have their own state.
  • Container components concerned with [how things work], provide application data and fetch data.
  • It is just another way of building an MVC framework where the presentational components are the views and container the controllers.LifecycleThe lifecycle of a component are customizable and goes through different phases when the components are in a state of change.
  • A prop supports or keeps something in position whereas a state is a condition that is susceptible to change.Before I dive right into my final project, I need to figure out the proper structure of my application.

I have made it to the final level. I’ve acquired the XP and skillset needed to ascend to the top and attain the apex of web development. Mind you, this is just the first hurdle in my programming…
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