Essential React Libraries in 2018

  • But in the end, when implementing a larger application, you need a couple of more libraries to have a sophisticated web application with React as its core.
  • The following article will give you an opinionated approach to select from these libraries to build a sophisticated React application.
  • In plain JavaScript, it would be possible to create a React class attribute with conditionals: – – But it is so much easier with the classnames library: – – It works perfectly with CSS modules too.
  • The library is for many people almost mandatory in applications when it comes to conditional stylings in React.
  • Basically a fetch looks like the following, for instance in a React lifecycle method when a component mounts: – – Basically you wouldn’t have to add any other library to do the job.

Often it is difficult to find all the relevant libraries to complement your React application, because React’s ecosystem is a flexible yet large framework. The article gives you an opinionated React setup by choosing essential libraries: Redux, MobX, React Router, Flow, Styled Components, Lodash, Ramda, Prettier, Axios, …
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Supercharge your React Native development with Shoutem

  • Publish your app on both the App Store and Google Play.
  • We’ve already built most of the functionalities you’d expect from an app.
  • Step 2 Add Magic (remaining 20%)
  • Create your first custom Shoutem app/extension in three simple steps
  • Build skinnable React Native apps sing our professionally designed UI components

Supercharge your React Native development with Shoutem
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