React JavaScript for web development. For SD-WAN solution

The Internet is written in JavaScript- Latest development trends  #SDWANSolutions #SDWAN

  • They focus mainly on Single Page Applications (SPAs) that allow you to perform client-server operations in a single web page without having to refresh the page.
  • Among the most popular web development frameworks out there are Angular.js, Vue.js or React.js.
  • When a state change occurs in React.js, those functions are once again executed to determine a new virtual representation of the page.
  • This result is then automatically translated into the Document Object Model (DOM, that is, the web object representation) changes necessary to reflect the new page presentation.
  • At Teldat, our use of React.js to develop web applications for our network device clients on our SD-WAN solutions, allows us to offer attractive, robust and efficient applications that the end user finds easy to use.

Web development centered on JavaScript language. Especially React.js. Use React.js for web applications of network solutions… Teldat SD-WAN solution.
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Sale Stock Tech Culture – sonny lazuardi – Medium

Sale Stock Tech Culture  #startup #androidappdevelopment #reactnative #reactjs #reactjs

  • Sale Stock Tech CultureHi, long time no write.
  • I think this is the real `Karya Anak Bangsa`, since all of the code are written by engineers from Indonesia that distributed all over the world.Joined a tech company that happens to sell clothesI joined Sale Stock on June 2015, where the journey begin.
  • We need to prepare our codebase to adapt with react native while maintaining our cordova app.Here is the thing that make the transition (from cordova to react native smoother)Inline styles — use inline style everywhere because RN only support flexbox inline style we need to refactor our codebase into inline styles.Primitive Component — It’s the basic view component that can be rendered on web and native platform.
  • For example: View Primitive— will be rendered as div/ in web and View/ in React Native.Native Modules Context — Move all the native modules into context so that we doesn’t need to require native plugin on the webDead code elimination — We need to get rid of unnecessary platform code.
  • the simple example is here:Good abstraction will lead to good codeI learn to build good abstraction especially in frontend since the www’s codebase has evolved a lot since I first joined SS.Focus on impactAt Sale Stock, we need to read this bookI learn a lot from that book.Prioritise high leverage activitiesDirect our time toward what matters mostInvest in toolingResult will followSince the first time I started the Sale Stock mobile android app.

Hi, long time no write. I want to share about my experience working full time at Sale Stock. Here is the brief history of my career at Sale Stock. I think this is the real `Karya Anak Bangsa`, since…
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Atomic design, Angular 2 and Redux – Lieuwe van Brug – Medium

Atomic design, Angular 2 and Redux  #angular #webdevelopment #redux #design #reactjs

  • How do you setup the frontend to be quick in prototyping?As a ux’er, you probably heard of Brad Frost and his idea of Atomic Design.
  • It’s basically a design system to divide your frontend into components.
  • And because it is a ux design system, communicating with the ux’er is very easy.
  • When an event is needed in one of the components, it just fires it to the Redux store, the centralised state is updated and all subscribed components are updated afterwards.
  • In my experience, atoms and molecule level for the input/output system and the organisms and templates to the redux store.

A match made in heaven. Last year I got the change to start a whole new product in the rol of frontend architect & developer. The starting team was only a product owner, ux’er and myself to start off…
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Crm with Laravel, React

Cool tutorial: CRM with Laravel and #ReactJS

  • css gulp html js laravel php react sass php project php developing php programming video php video learn php tricks improve php skills
  • If you are interested in more PHP videos, you can check matroskinb’s channel, or continue your search on our main videos page .
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  • The member of the community matroskinb is showing skills in PHP by presenting how to Crm with Laravel, React.
  • Crm with Laravel, React (part 4) – PHP

This video is about Crm with Laravel, React, created by matroskinb, who showed impressive coding skills in PHP
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ReactJS: From upside down to right side up! // Speaker Deck

Slides from my talk about @reactjs weekend in the #ReactJS Floripa meetup:

  • My talk about how to build a right side up environment in the frontend using the React ecosystem.
  • All slide content and descriptions are owned by their creators.
  • ReactJS: From upside down to right side up!
  • by Pedro Nauck
  • Published September 19, 2016 in Technology

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  • state, foo: action.payload } } }, middleware: { [BOOT]: store => next => action => { store.dispatch(changeFoo( baz )) return next(action) } } } const modules = [ testModule ] const app = boot(initialState, modules) app.then(({action, store}) => { // Should print baz .
  • state, foo: action.payload } } }, middleware: { [BOOT]: store => next => async action => { const result = next(action) await store.dispatch(changeFoo( baz )) return result } } } const modules = [ testModule ] const app = boot(initialState, modules) app.then(({action, store}) => { // Should print baz .
  • import boot, {BOOT} from redux-boot import {createAction} from redux-actions const CHANGE_FOO = redux-boot/test/CHANGE_FOO const changeFoo = createAction(CHANGE_FOO, async (value) => { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { setTimeout(() => resolve(value), 1) }) }) const initialState = { foo: bar } const testModule = { reducer: { [CHANGE_FOO]: (state, action) => { return { …
  • Minimal Framework using Redux to develop modularized universal (backend and frontend) applications, based on functional programming paradigms and friends such as Map and Reduce, Immutability and Reactive programming.
  • Async side-effects – No-brainer async side-effects with redux-actions and redux-promise .

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@sebas5384: “After some documentation, we released redux-boot 1.0.0 !! \o/ #redux #reactjs #dev #js #javascript #nodejs”

Modular Redux bootstrap with asynchronous side-effects.

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