Continuous Integration for React Native

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  • This guide is for you if… – – We will show you how to setup Continuous Integration for React Native builds in just a few clicks using Nevercode.
  • When the scanning completes you’ll be presented with three options: – – The Project selection here means a directory in your repository where your React Native configuration file is stored.
  • Nevercode installs the dependencies listed out in your project’s file automatically using Yarn package manager right after your repository is cloned for building.
  • Signing React Native applications in Nevercode is done just like it is with native Android and iOS applications.
  • With support for React Native, iOS, Android, Cordova and Ionic, Nevercode is truly a mobile developer’s choice to release defect-free mobile apps faster.

One tool to build them all
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ReactJS and The Future of Web Development

#WebDevelopment : ReactJS and The Future of Web Development:  @react @WordPress

  • ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library use to build interactive user interfaces for the websites and other applications.
  • ReactJS is becoming popular in web development.
  • So, if you’re looking to create web applications with interactive UI in quick-time, then ReactJS library suite is your best choice.
  • You can build interactive user interfaces quickly with ReactJS to save valuable time and money without compromising the functionality.
  • Also, you can render ReactJS on the server-side, which is another advantage of using ReactJS for web development.

ReactJS is an interactive framework which is very simple to use. It is easy to build interactive user interface (UI) with ReactJS as per user’s persona.
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React Native: A Better DOM?

React Native: A Better DOM?

  • Like a lot of people in this Twitter thread, I didn’t really understand that React Native was even for building on the web.
  • I thought it was a way to write React to build native mobile apps.
  • Nicolas has a whole “React Native for Web” repo though, explaining otherwise.
  • It probably doesn’t help that the tagline is “Build native mobile apps using JavaScript and React.”
  • But, if you have a React-based website already, and either have or want a native mobile app, then it seems like this is worth exploring.

How do we convince web developers that React Native has already solved many of the hardest GUI problems for them? Go back in time and release React Native before React DOM? Is there an easier way…— Nicolas (@necolas) March 1, 2018 Like a lot of people in this Twitter thread, I didn’t really understand that
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9 React Tools To Master Your Component Workflow – Bits and Pieces

  • Basically, this project lets you define styled-components that posses their own encapsulated styles so that styling becomes an actual part of your components while avoiding the use of CSS classes as a mediator layer.
  • This project is growing in popularity to become the go-to choice for styling React components, and is defiantly worth checking out for your next app.
  • This project “scans” your app for React components and lets you render components with different states and props while mocking external dependencies, so you can see your app’s state in real-time.
  • React Sketch.appFor the UI designer / dev among you, React-sketchapp is Airbnb’s open source project built for design system which enables the rendering of React components using Sketch.
  • From sharing components between apps with Bit to styling with styled-components or using storybook to render and play with components in isolation, and all the way to less familiar projects like UiZoo and others, the React ecosystem is growing rapidly to help you build an amazing UI.

Best 9 React component tools and libraries that can make all the difference for mastering your work with React components for developing a beautiful UI for your React application. Check out the list.
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Find my upcoming workshops: – Advanced React Component Patterns – The Beginner’s Guide to…

  • Making React components that can be used in multiple places is not hard.
  • Without the right patterns, you can find yourself with a highly complex component that requires a lot of configuration props and way too many if statements.
  • With this course, you’ll not only learn great patterns you can use, but also the strengths and weaknesses of each so you know which to reach for to provide your components the flexibility and power you need.
  • I have contributed to and published some of the most successful React components in the React ecosystem.
  • Through that experience, I’ve learned and taught patterns that enhnace flexibilty, usefulness, and simplicity.

Personal website of Kent C. Dodds
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– Advanced React Component Patterns
– The Beginner’s Guide to…”

Building An E-commerce Search App with React Native 🔰

  • Unlike Cordova/Ionic/Phonegap that also lets you build mobile apps using JavaScript with WebViews, React Native compiles entirely to a native app and also allows writing native (Swift, Objective-C, Android) code when required.
  • Basic Concepts 👩â€�ğŸ�“Let’s start by briefly discussing how React Native works and how the JavaScript code actually translates into a kickass native mobile app.
  • That’s why, we, at Appbase, have built some open-source tools to help you do all these things with the matter of some clicks 😉 – Tool to add data into Elasticsearch — Importer 🗃Tool to view Elasticsearch data like an excel sheet — Data Browser 👀Tool to generate relevant Elasticsearch queries — Query Builder 🔨In this…
  • The credentials of the above app which we will be using in this tutorial are: – { – app: “good-books-ds”, – credentials: type: “good-books-ds” – }Say hello 👋 to Reactivesearch ğŸ”�We will be using ReactiveSearch, an open-source React and React Native UI components library for Elasticsearch that I am a…
  • Wait, why do I need ReactiveSearch now?ReactiveSearch simplifies the entire process of connecting to an Elasticsearch index, making queries, fetching and rendering results in sleek UI, not just that, it also lets you make your components talk to each other, i.e. if Component-A gets updated, Component-B gets to know and…

We will go over the process of building a starter e-commerce mobile app for searching through a books datastore using React native.
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Infinite scroll techniques in React – LogRocket

Infinite scroll techniques in #reactjs – LogRocket  #javascript

  • Infinite scrolling technically requires adding a scroll event listener to the window object or a certain div.
  • Implementing from the ground upAs mentioned earlier, infinite scroll is about attaching event listeners to DOM elements while watching for when the scrollbar hits the bottom of the div.
  • Look at the render function of this Component below: – Say you want to load more li items into the ul tag each time the div with the class App gets to the end of the div, how do you tackle this problem?
  • Here is what the final component should look like: – Using an infinite scroll libraryWhile the first method showed how relatively easy it is to implement infinite scroll in React applications, you might not be so content to implement event listeners yourself.
  • Instead, there is hasMoreItems which is used to tell the Infinite scroll component to detach the event listenerAn alteration to the loadMore function, which sets the hasMoreItems state to false once the items his 200ConclusionAnd there you have it, two different methods that allow you to implement infinite scroll in…

In this tutorial, Ogundipe explains two methods of implementing infinite scroll in React
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