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Meet the #ReactDayBerlin MC @robinpokorny:  #ReactJS #Jest

  • I’ve been working with React for almost 3 years now, and it led me to also try other functional languages, so in this sense, React was really helpful for my career.What do you think is the future of web and mobile development?That’s difficult to say.
  • There are a few initiatives that come to mind: For one, there’s WebAssembly with which you can have some really low level language in the browser, and that’s great, because we’ll be able to create more powerful stuff compared to nowadays, when we’re mostly dependent on JavaScript.The other improvement could…
  • What’s your most awaited feature in testing tools?Obviously, Jest will never be completely automated, on the other hand, if you look at snapshot testing, that kind of is Jest is doing a major part of the job, generating something that you only manage and approve changes.
  • I know how difficult it is to organize, how much time and effort you need, and I’m really grateful that someone experienced is bringing a React conference to Berlin, so I’m excited.
  • I hope it’s gonna be a lot of fun and I get to meet new people, see how they use React in their jobs.Where do you get your inspiration for being an MC?This is not the first time for me, and ever since I was one some time ago, I…

An MC can often make or break a conference, and we couldn’t be more grateful to Robin for taking up this challenge! In the following interview, we discuss his career in software development and his…
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Check out React in Motion today for a steal – 50% off #Reactjs @reactionaryjs

Check out React in Motion today for a steal - 50% off  #Reactjs @reactionaryjs

  • This powerful web framework reinvents the way you create web UI, making it possible to build responsive browser-based applications with flowing, flicker-free screens.
  • The React in Motion liveVideo course gets you up and running with React just as smoothly.
  • As you work through the efficient crystal-clear tutorials from experienced React developer Zac Braddy, you’ll learn the ins and outs of React development, essential techniques for working with reactive applications, and handy code reuse techniques that will save you time and effort!
  • In this liveVideo, you’ll start with the fundamentals of React, as you build your first application.
  • You’ll learn how to set up the perfect build environment, build your own components, make asynchronous calls to third party APIs, efficiently test, debug, and then finally deploy your finished reactive applications!

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Facebook Relents on React.js License Issue via @InfoSecHotSpot

Facebook Relents on React.js License Issue  via @InfoSecHotSpot

  • Well, it’s safe to use code from Facebook’s React.js library in open source projects.
  • At issue is a license Facebook created by taking an existing open source license, modifying it with a short patent caveat, then calling it the BSD+Patents license.
  • The issue was with the patent clause Facebook had added to the license, which states that anyone using the code, directly or indirectly, cannot take legal action against Facebook for any patent infringement involving any software without losing the right to use and distribute the code.
  • The problem wasn’t with patent protections: Many open source licenses, including Apache, have patent clauses preventing users from suing over any patents the covered software might infringe, but Facebook’s license seeks to protect the company from infringement by any and all of its software.
  • Then on Friday, Facebook’s engineering director, Adam Wolff, announced in a blog post, “Next week, we are going to relicense our open source projects React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js under the MIT license.

It’s safe to go back in the water again. Well, it’s safe to use code from Facebook’s React.js library in open source projects. The folks at the social site have done an about-face and will be changing React.js’s license to MIT, along with the licenses for Jest, Flow and Immutable.js. The announcement came exactly a month after we reported on a licensing brouhaha that had resulted in a standoff between Facebook and the Apache Foundation.
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Why ReactJs? – (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ – Medium

Why ReactJs?  #react #reactjs

  • Instead of writing an html line for news, messenger and marketplace you can see that they are basically the same, the only thing that changes is the icon and the information so we can make a component called nav that receives information and an icon.
  • Let code this component:First, we are going to make its container, with an JSON object with the information we want to be see.Now we are going to do the component:Using this practice, we are able to create a web app by just iterating a JSON object, that will pass the information to the containers.Another cool thing of react is its community.
  • There is a lot of components already made so you can just add them to your project as easily as adding a library to your normal html code.
  • Some github repositories that have a lot of components are:· lot of people have a problem with HTML being mixed with JS because they feel like breaking separation of concerns but in reality, it is more of a separation of technologies rather than concerns.
  • It helps your application to be more efficient because you don’t need to repeat code, there is an amazing community behind it, it has some really awesome modules that helps you to manage the unidirectional data flow, as well as managing which component must be render and if it is a component that is visible in all of the pages such as a menu to just render it once instead of every time you change of page.Tldr: react is awesome.

React is a new JavaScript library developed by Facebook released in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2017 that react was stable. React is like the best of both worlds, it has the functionality of JavaScript…
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#ReactNative – Pros and Cons #100DaysOfCode #coding #react #reactjs @reactnewsletter @ReactJSNews

  • When we first heard about React Native, a framework that enables building an app for multiple platforms, we were thrilled.
  • One team, one codebase and the potential to scale an app for iOS and Android using a fracture of resources required in native development is a great promise.
  • A few years ago, Facebook officially announced React Native, a powerful framework with the promise of cross-platform compatibility.
  • The major selling point of React Native is shorter development time.
  • Facebook puts a lot of resources to ensure React Native’s reliability and also to guarantee a constant development of the platform.

React Native: One team, one codebase and potential to scale an app for iOS and Android using a fracture of resources required in native development is a great promise.
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Are you ready? – Callstack Engineers

Are you ready?  #reactnativeconference #reactnative #react #reactjs

  • We keep receiving questions regarding last-minute passes.
  • Looking at the conference scene this year, I am sure we have one of the best lineups out there.
  • If you haven’t decided yet — ask me on Twitter and I’ll make you want to go here!Of course, there will be panelNo conference can be done without having a QA panel with the team, right?
  • Prepare questions, it’s an open QA and we don’t have any time restrictions.Get ready for the partyOne of the selling points of the conference is that attendees will get to know how the famous Polish party looks like.
  • What a perfect time to socialise after first day of the conference, right?

It’s less than a week to React Native EU first edition. I am really excited that we are all going to see each other next week! We are working hard to make your stay in Poland best time in your life…
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Apache Foundation and Facebook in Standoff Over React.js License

  • It started on July 15 when the Apache Foundation’s legal affairs director, Chris Mattmann, made a comment to a thread on a discussion board that began two months discussing a little quirk that had been found in the wording of Facebook’s open source BSD-plus-Patents license.
  • The “offending” license, loosely called BSD+Patents, is Facebook’s own open source license, which is pretty much a copy of another popular open source license, the BSD 3-clause license, the later being compatible with Apache and most other “permissive” licenses.
  • “Facebook’s license is basically BSD3 with the patents conditions ‘tacked’ on,'” Jim Jagielski, former president and current board member of the Apache Foundation explained to IT Pro.
  • In a blog post from July, Bruce Perens, the main author of The Open Source Definition and co-founder of the Open Source Initiative, explained the problem in more detail:

    The widespread use of code from Facebook maintained React.js, a popular developer tool for building interfaces with JavaScript, is the reason why this issue is particularly problematic for Apache.

  • Perhaps more damage will come from large corporations with considerable patent portfolios that have integrated Facebook’s open source projects into their own data centers.

So far neither side has blinked in a standoff that most likely hasn’t ended yet.
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The Most Important Color In UI Design – UX Planet

  • Just look at your smartphone app icons, and you’ll see that a lot of them are blue: Facebook, Twitter, Shazam, Safari, etc.So why is blue the chosen color?There are a lot of reasons to use blue, I’ll list a few of them:People like this color.
  • Surveys show majority of people see blue as their favorite color.
  • Blue is strongly associated with clean water, clear skies, etc., which leads to its high preference as a color.Blue has an association with nature due to this being the color of ocean and sky.Universal color for UI designers.
  • Blue is a very common color for websites and apps in the travel industry.
  • ConclusionI hope that after reading this article you have a good idea of why blue color is so popular among designers.

As you probably already guessed this article is dedicated to blue color. Without a doubt, blue is one of the most important colors in UI design, and one of the most frequent. Just look at your…
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We had a great time speaking with @naoufal about #ReactNative on the latest episode #JavaScript

  • In this episode, we’re joined by Naoufal Kadhom, a Software Engineer from Netflix who’s also just released a payment library for React Native.
  • In the episode, we’ll be discussing React Native and what it’s like to leverage it for Android and iOS applications.

In this episode, we’re joined by Naoufal Kadhom, a Software Engineer from Netflix who’s also just released a payment library for React Native. In the episode, we’ll be discussing React Native and what it’s like to leverage it for Android and iOS applications.
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7 Strengths of #ReactJS Every Programmer Should Know About

7 Strengths of #ReactJS Every Programmer Should Know About

  • React is blazingly fastIt is actually much faster than manually manipulating the DOM, which is the reason why Flipboard has built their own React-Canvas library to achieve 60fps performance on the mobile web.Modifying the DOM after every change can be slow, therefore React creates a simplified JavaScript version of DOM called VirtualDOM and uses a diffing algorithm to apply only necessary changes to the real DOM.JavaScript is a reasonably fast language, and typical web apps consist of only several hundreds of DOM elements.
  • They have invested years into creating the Facebook site, so a complete rewrite just to use React would not be justifiable.It is really easy to use React with jQuery, Angular, Backbone, or any other JavaScript framework.4.
  • You can create truly native apps with JavaScript and other tools you know from the web.
  • Some of the biggest innovations in React were actually inspired by ClojureScript, some were taken from Ember, and some come from Elm.Whether it is ClojureScript, Elm, Angular, or Ember, these great people are part of our Reactive Community, and they remind us why we should work together every day.The React ecosystem is extremely focused on developer experience and productivity.
  • But Facebook is not the only big supporter of the React community: Yahoo, Mozilla, Airbnb, Netflix, and other big companies use React in production and have supported the community with useful open-source libraries and tools.6.

In the past six years, we have seen a huge rise of JavaScript on the web. It has become a prominent server-side language and a popular compile target for other languages. Offline-first SPAs have…
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